UK HealthCare

UK HealthCare to Allow One Visitor for Most Patients Beginning May 18 

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 15, 2020) — UK HealthCare will begin allowing patients to have one designated family member or other individual accompany or visit them, except for COVID-19 positive inpatients, beginning Monday, May 18. Some restrictions and infection control prevention measures remain in place to protect patients and UK HealthCare staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with guidance from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. UK HealthCare will continue to monitor and adjust restrictions for the health and well-being of its patients and staff until the transmission of COVID-19 is no longer a threat.  

Beginning Monday, one designated visitor, age 18 or older, and one or two parent(s) or guardian(s) for patient who are under 18, will be permitted to accompany and visit inpatients at UK Chandler Hospital, Kentucky Children’s Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital as well accompany patients to UK HealthCare clinic appointments.   

Hospitals and clinics will continue to have designated entry points staffed by health care personnel to screen individuals entering the facility. They will evaluate both patients and the person accompanying them for symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone who screens “positive” for symptoms will not be allowed to enter and will be directed to the proper resources for follow up.  

A mask covering nose, mouth and chin must be worn at all times – including inside a patient’s hospital or clinic room. Visitors are asked to bring a mask but they will be given to individuals who do not arrive with one. In addition, each visitor will be given a colored wrist band to indicate a cleared screening and those entering the hospital or clinic will be given an Infection Prevention Tip Sheet to reinforce the importance of hand hygiene before and after touching a patient and before and after leaving the patient’s room and the health care facility.  

“We continue to ask for your cooperation and assistance in complying with restrictions and our visitor guidelines,” said Dr. Mark F. Newman, University of Kentucky executive vice president for health affairs. “We appreciate your understanding during this time that the safety and well-being of our patients, employees and our community is our greatest concern and priority in making these decisions.”   

Beginning May 18: 

  • One visitor will be allowed to accompany patients who are having surgery, other invasive procedures or clinic visit. 
  • Non-COVID inpatients can have one designated visitor, typically an immediate family member. Additional family members may be approved and screened to visit for special circumstances.  
  • Obstetric patients may have one partner or one birth support person over the age of 16 accompany them.  
  • Pediatric patients (under the age of 18) may have one or two parent(s) or guardian(s) unless the attending physician has a reason to limit. 
  • Nursery/Neonatal Intensive Care patients may have one or two birth parent(s) visit as approved by the attending physician. 
  • Non-COVID-19 patients who are at the end-of-life may have limited visitors for the length of time approved by the attending physician. 
  • COVID-19 positive patients are not permitted visitors unless the patient’s condition deteriorates, and the provider agrees a family member should visit.  

To help prevent the spread of infection, all hospital and clinic visitors are required to: 

  • wear a face mask at all times 
  • remain in the patient’s room at all times except to get meals 
  • limit the number of personal items brought into the hospital to reduce the number of germs taken home 
  • leave the hospital or clinic when their visit is over and not spend time in public areas, including lobbies, waiting areas, cafeterias and vending areas. 
  • wash their hands or use hand sanitizer every time they enter or exit a patient room.  

For more information and updates on visitation restrictions, please go to the UK HealthCare COVID-19 Information Site