UK HealthCare

UK HealthCare Establishes Office for Value and Innovation Healthcare Delivery

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 13, 2015) -- UK HealthCare has established the Office for Value and Innovation in Healthcare Delivery (OVIHD), aiming to provide value-based care across our health system. By re-engineering care delivery using expertise from industry, UK HealthCare will undergo a transformation of its delivery system to optimize care coordination for patients.
“As the health care delivery system continues to evolve, we must be ready to respond to market needs, without losing focus on patient safety and care across the health care continuum,” said Dr. Michael Karpf, UK executive vice president for health affairs. “The Office for Value and Innovation in Healthcare Delivery will include process improvement, patient safety, infection prevention and control. It is vital to our health care delivery now and in the future.”
OVIHD will provide the expertise to standardize delivery of evidence-based best practices. It will access the deep and broad resources of the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing, Health Sciences, Dentistry, Business, Engineering and Communication and Information in collaboration with the Center for Health Services Research to build a learning health system and train health care professionals, analysts and leaders of the future.
Dr. Mark V. Williams, chief transformation &and learning officer (CTLO), for UK HealthCare and director of UK’s Center for Health Services Research; and Dr. Bernie Boulanger, chief medical officer for UK HealthCare, will be co-directors of the OVIHD.