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Employees May Convert Sick Leave Into Additional Vacation Days in April

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 2, 2018) — The annual period for University of Kentucky employees to convert their temporary disability leave (TDL) to additional vacation leave (VL) is now open.

Employees may request conversion of TDL hours to additional vacation leave through Employee Self Service in myUK. Employees should log in to myUK, access Employee Self Service, and click the Working Time and Leave Requests link.

Click the TDL to Vacation Leave Conversion link to download the conversion form, which will have instructions on how to submit it to the Enterprise Applications Group, which administers Employee Self Service, or UK HealthCare payroll, depending on where the employee works.

Each April, employees who have more than 66 days of TDL may convert those hours to additional vacation leave. The conversion rate is three days of TDL for one day of VL.

Learn more about TDL conversion by reading the UK Human Resources policy and procedure.