UK Resumption of Research Phased Plan Available Now

The University of Kentucky Resumption of Research Phased Plan was approved last week through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and senior leadership.

We ask that all Principal Investigators (PIs) read the plan. As you will see, there are four phases of research resumption, and we are currently in Phase 1. To move to Phase 2, PIs and/or all faculty who perform research and/or creative work and whom supervise others are required to develop an individualized plan for their research workspace or environment. 

To assist you in developing your individualized plan, you are required to complete online training on the basics of the overall plan, and if your research involves human subjects, there is an additional required online training module. Then you can develop your individualized plan, using the Excel template that details specifics regarding your research personnel, workspace or space management, activities during the different phases (focusing now on Phase 2), and management of hygiene/disinfecting/PPE. Please discuss these areas with your personnel, using the overall plan to guide you in making decisions during the phases of resumed research. 

Once you and your group have developed your plan, you will submit it by completing the PI Plan Submission Form and uploading the Excel file and your training certificate. After submission, the plan will be transmitted to your Chair and/or unit Director, who will have initial authority to approve your plan in conjunction with your Associate Dean for Research; your Dean will have final authority over movement to Phase 2 for your program.

Once approved, you can proceed to Phase 2. However, please understand that your Chair and/or unit Director will be working on your behalf to coordinate your plan with others within your unit or space and may ask you to make changes over time as their overall unit plans evolve. We will also be adjusting to the institutional guidelines that will be coming forth as we move towards opening of the campus in the fall academic semester. We will inform you when we can move from Phase 2 to Phase 3, or alternatively, if and when we may have to regress in our phases.

We are excited to move to Phase 2 within UK’s Resumption of Research Phased Plan, but we must all remember that we do so with personal health and safety as our number one priority.

Finally, I wish to thank the many people who have worked tirelessly on your behalf to develop the plan (Working group, led by Dr. Linda Dwoskin), provide input on the plan (EOC workstreams, Senate Research Committee, Provost Office, Graduate Student Congress, Associate Deans for Research, Chairs), and implement the plan (CCTS, CRSO, many talented staff within the research administrative units). As you know, we are developing and working through issues such as this that under normal circumstances would have taken several months, but are now being developed in days to weeks by many people working on your behalf. Please join me in thanking them, and please work with patience and respect towards leadership in your domain who will also work on your behalf to achieve a safe phased resumption of research.

If you have questions, please send them to