Coming Together for Black History Month

Photo of Jason Brooks

Next week, the University will kick off Black History Month – a time to remember the African-American individuals who came before us:

Our ancestors who endured suffering and heartbreak, who achieved greatness despite all odds, and who trailblazed a new path that would ultimately inspire us to work toward a more inclusive community for all.

This path reminds us of our humanity, and compels us to reach farther, work harder, and listen more intently.

The time is always right to commemorate these individuals, but it’s also important to set aside a particular time to reflect and prepare for the days ahead.

There is always more work to be done.

I’m excited to participate in several of the events the University will hold throughout the coming days for Black History Month.

Below are a few highlighted events that will take place during Black History Month, but I encourage you to visit this website for a full list of activities. I’d also like to thank every single member of our community who has contributed to making these events possible. Your work is noticed, appreciated, and valued.

February 5 Lunch & Learn: American Story: Fear, Love and Hip Hop Stories of a Hood Scholar with Olmeca​ Wednesday | 12pm | MLK Center

February 6 Men of Color Symposium Thursday | 8-4pm | Gatton Student Center

February 6 Sister Circle Thursday | 4:30pm | MLK Center

February 12 Lunch and Learn: Dr. Chris Marshburn​ Wednesday | 12pm | MLK Center

February 25 Black History Month Speaker: Dr. Erin Gilliam Tuesday | 6:30pm | GSC Grand Ballroom

For a full list of events, click here.

It’s my genuine hope to see our community show up and be present for these important events. We owe it not only to the individuals who came before us, but to ourselves – as a community – so that we may learn and use our knowledge to better serve each other.