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Kentucky Kernel Offers Book of Basketball

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 20, 2010) The Kentucky Kernel has released "Blue is Back," a compilation of season flashbacks, commemorating the 2009-10 basketball season.

The book contains photos and abbreviated articles covering each game and news stories throughout the season. From the introduction of the "John Wall dance" at Big Blue Madness, through DeMarcus Cousins's infamous "call me" moment, to the ecstasy of the "First to 2000" win and finally the anguish of defeat during the Elite Eight conference - all is documented.

Members of the Kentucky Kernel staff have been working on the book since February. Lauren Frame, Kernel assistant design editor, said "Blue is Back" was a completely new experience for the staff.

"We're used to putting out a newspaper every night, but putting together 144 pages of content over the course of a few months proved to be an entirely new process," Frame said. "We wanted to challenge ourselves with this book. We wanted to document this historic basketball season and create something we could all be really proud of, and I think we accomplished that. It was a lot of hard work and it definitely pushed me as a designer, but the entire process was an experience I'll never forget."

The book can be purchased at local book stores. It is also available at