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Board Considers Evaluation Criteria for Capilouto

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 27, 2012) ― The University of Kentucky Board of Trustees (BOT) Tuesday discussed the framework for a yearly evaluation of President Eli Capilouto that examines his success in developing and implementing a strategic vision for the university.

The evaluation of Capilouto's first year as president is expected to be complete for the June meeting of the board, said UK BOT Chairman Britt Brockman. "A comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the president should reflect his progress, the progress of the university in meeting its goals, and provide observations that will shape our work going forward."

The evaluation will consist of 20 to 30 confidential interviews with representatives of key constituent groups, including the University and Staff Senates, Student Government Association, Alumni Association, policymakers and elected officials and donors, among others.

Those interviews will then be evaluated by the board's Executive Committee and shared with the full membership of the trustees. Interviews, which will be conducted by a Human Resources professional, will focus on:

  • University priorities ― has Capilouto effectively worked with key constituencies to identify and articulate key strategic priorities for the institution?
  • The president's leadership ― is Capilouto effective in creating a learning environment that reinforces core values and in leading the institution to execute initiatives associated with priorities?
  • His organization and team ― does the management team and organization help ensure the university's success?
  • Relationships with key constituencies ― has the president established productive relationships with key leaders that will help the university realize its goals?
  • Financial management ― is the president demonstrating careful stewardship of the institution's resources and doing so in a way that will help fund strategic priorities?
  • Fundraising ― is sufficient time being devoted to raise funds for the university?

Capilouto also will put together a self-evaluation, which will be considered by the Board of Trustees as part of this process. Capilouto and Brockman developed the framework for the annual evaluation.

Brockman said Capilouto's contract provides for the potential for performance bonuses based on the results of the evaluation. Capilouto already has informed the board that regardless of the results, he would turn down any bonus or incentive pay.

"I think we are all in agreement on the board that President Capilouto is off to an outstanding start as leader of the state's flagship institution of higher learning," Brockman said. "An objective evaluation that provides constructive feedback to the board and President Capilouto will help all of us as we continue to move forward.

"President Capilouto has reached out across campus and the state to begin to build a consensus around a shared vision ― The Kentucky Promise ― for moving UK and Kentucky forward. And he has embarked ― along with our faculty, students and staff ― on a bold vision for enhancing undergraduate education and revitalizing the infrastructure in the core of our campus. We are all excited about the next steps we will take in making that shared vision a reality."


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