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LEXINGTON, Ky (Sept. 17, 2019) — Choosing to live on campus is one of the best decisions a college student can make – it affords them the full college experience.

For a lot of students, the first relationships they begin building at the University of Kentucky are the friendships found inside the residence halls.

When they walk into their new hall and first meet their roommate or meet up with a study group, they notice one similarity — they're new. The spaces where the UK community hangs out, lives, and studies on campus are some of the newest facilities in the country and are full of all the amenities — common areas, comfortable furniture, technology and great dining options.

Living on campus provides convenient places to study, places to learn and places to grow. And at the end of the day, UK's residence halls are the places students call home.

Living on campus provides a transformative college experience. UK Campus Housing, Residence Life and UK Dining provide unique programming throughout the year to help students foster deeper relationships and to provide them with unique experiences. The opportunities are endless to engage in "community" no matter their interests or area of study. The Living and Learning Program provides curriculum and activities throughout the year that help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

"Living on campus multiple years has been a huge part of my college experience," Carson Hardee, a junior at UK, said. "The residence halls have every amenity you could ever ask for, and they give you easy access to campus resources. Plus, you get to be near your friends and have a supportive community around you."

Additionally, studies have shown that living on campus equates to greater success in the classroom. GPAs of students living on campus are consistently higher on average than their peers who live off campus.

Living on campus gives students the opportunity to experience everything UK has to offer. With everything within walking distance, students have the chance to explore UK’s vast campus.

"Living on campus is so convenient. It’s nice to be able to be close to all of my classes, the library and extracurricular activities," said UK senior Maya Woolfolk.

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