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How to Survive Move-in Day at UK

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 16, 2010) — Few days at the University of Kentucky rival those in late August when students return to campus after the long summer break. Thousands of new students and their families descend upon a small army of experienced volunteers who are more than ready for the rush of questions, concerns, emotions, expectations and anticipation.

“We prepare for Move-in Day months in advance. Only weeks after one Move-in Day is behind us, we begin evaluating how we can do better the next year,” said Sarah Nikirk, associate director of Auxiliary Services.

“It’s always a joyous day,” she said. “But we couldn’t have the kind of welcome that is touted by students and parents alike if it weren’t for our volunteers. Hundreds of staff, faculty, students and community members come out in force, regardless of the weather, to help our students move into their residence halls.”

Move-in Day is only the beginning of K Week, nine days filled with more than 300 events and activities to help freshmen and transfer students adjust to their new home away from home. Events range from serious sessions that focus on academic success to one of the state’s largest community service events to the fun-filled World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight.

As parents and students approach campus on Move-in Day, they will see color-coded signs to direct them to the proper residence hall. For detailed information, visit the official Move-in Map at The brochure includes detailed directions to the UK campus, color-coded maps to the UK residence halls, unloading locations for each hall, parking and shuttle bus information, and tips of what to pack and what to leave behind. Unloading locations will be staffed by volunteers to help transfer belongings from car to cart.

Nikirk offered the following last-minute reminders for all new Wildcats.

·       If you live in Kentucky or within a three-hour drive, only bring essentials. You can bring other items once you know exactly what you need.

·       Contact your roommate to avoid bringing doubles, you don’t need two of everything.

·       Dress appropriately, including comfortable shoes. Late August in Lexington is typically hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms. We suggest that you check the local weather forecast before leaving home.

·       Place your items in sealed plastic containers. It’s the sustainable way to move. This will avoid discarding cardboard boxes, and you can use the containers for storage.

·       Bring a cart or dolly if at all possible. Some carts are available for check-out with a UKID and mobile number. Ask a volunteer for more information.

·       Turn your GPS off, and follow the color-coded move-in map that details the unloading and parking zones for your respective residence hall.

·       Stay hydrated.

·       Bring a good attitude and be ready to have fun. Any move can be challenging, but a positive attitude can make all the difference.

·       Check into your residence hall with your belongings. Room keys, mail box numbers, orientation information and your Official Guide to Living on Campus will be available.

·       Get ready to make friends that last a lifetime!