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Stuckert Career Center Offers a Year Without Rent


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 1, 2010)University of Kentucky sophomore Joshua Yancy will never forget to pay his rent. Last February, Yancy entered a drawing at the UK Spring Career Fair simply by signing up for Wildcat CareerLink and submitting his resume. The drawing, sponsored by the James W. Stuckert Career Center and Beaumont Farms Apartments, offered one lucky UK student an apartment with free rent for an entire school year.

"It was a good partnership, and Michael Gale, the Beaumont Farms representative, was excited to help UK students connect with our office," said Lenroy Jones, the Stuckert Career Center associate director for employer/corporate relations. "For 30 days, we were able to receive quality resumes from UK students who became eligible to win free rent for 9 months."

Yancy, and his wallet, couldn't be more grateful.  

"Winning this apartment was a wonderful experience," Yancy said. "Beaumont Farms is a very nice apartment complex, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to live there."

Michael Gale, 
manager of Beaumont Farms Apartments, was happy to participate in the drawing and enjoyed welcoming the new Beaumont Farms resident. “The Stuckert Career Center provides such a great service to all UK students, and it has been a pleasure working with them," said Gale. "Beaumont Farms Apartments was very excited to welcome Josh Yancy to our community."

However, Yancy did not expect to win the drawing, especially after he received a call notifying him that another winner had been selected.

"I got a call back a month or two later informing me that I was not chosen for the apartment," Yancy said. "At this point, I began looking for another apartment for my two other roommates and I."

The UK student's luck changed when the Stuckert Career Center informed him that the winner of the drawing had declined, and that Yancy could now have the rent-free apartment.

"I was excited but also realized that it was only for a one bedroom apartment," Yancy said. "This meant I would have to leave my roommates to take it."

Fortunately for the roommates, Beaumont Farms Apartments compromised with Yancy and allowed him and his roommates to move into a 3-bedroom apartment. "We now all live there and it is a very enjoyable experience," Yancy said.

Gale anticipates working with the Stuckert Career Center again, and encourages students to be on the lookout for another similar drawing. "
We hope to continue a great partnership with the university as we continue to grow our company in the multi-family housing industry," said Gale. "We look forward to working with the Stuckert Career Center again next year at the Wildcat CareerLink drawing."

In addition to Beaumont Farms Apartments, Yancy's rent-free sophomore year is also made possible by the Stuckert Career Center. The center is an essential, accessible tool for UK students of all grade levels. Francene Gilmer, director of the Stuckert Career Center, is pleased with the drawing's success. "
The students and Beaumont Farms staff members are all winners," said Gilmer. "We look forward to more students taking advantage of Stuckert Career Center opportunities."

Another opportunity the Stuckert Career Center offers students each year is the Career Fair. The Center hosts several Career Fairs throughout the school year that provide students with valuable networking opportunities and the chance to interact with potential employers.

"The Career Fair helped me become comfortable talking to employers, which I think assisted me in getting the internship I had last summer," Yancy said. "It's a very valuable experience that every student should take advantage of."

The Stuckert Career Center encourages students to sign up for the Wildcat CareerLink, a Web-based NACElink career services management tool powered by Symplicity®, to stay informed about upcoming Career Fairs, resume building opportunities, internships, interviews and more.

"We really strive to have students actively using the system to connect with employers, which could eventually lead to an exciting career opportunity," said Jones. "Wildcat CareerLink is the preferred career services management tool for the University of Kentucky."

Many organizations seeking employees and interns post internship opportunities, arrange and manage campus interviews, and review student and alumni resumes via Wildcat CareerLink.

Gilmer encourages students and employers to take advantage of everything Wildcat CareerLink has to offer. "It is gratifying to see a new approach to connect with students, and to also see a new employer achieve a win-win situation." 

To learn more about the Stuckert Career Center and Wildcat CareerLink, visit their website at