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Today’s Assignment: Prepare for the First Day of Class

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 24, 2010) — By now, new University of Kentucky students have unpacked and decorated their new UK homes. They have collected their textbooks and perhaps have flipped through or skimmed the first chapter or two. They have walked across campus a few times, noting the location of dining facilities, the library, the Student Center and classroom buildings. They have enjoyed a handful or two of K Week activities created to introduce them to their new lifestyles as college students.

Today, as the first day of the fall semester 2010 looms on the calendar, it is time to turn everyone’s attention to academics. Dozens of K Week events listed below are scheduled throughout the day to make the adjustment from high school to college a little easier, but the crown jewels are scheduled this afternoon – the Common Reading Experience and We Are UK.

From 3:45 until 5 p.m., all freshmen are expected to meet in their K Teams to discuss “Zeitoun” by Dave Eggers, the second novel chosen as a common book for UK.

Over the summer, freshmen were to read the award-winning true story of a New Orleans family’s struggle during and after Hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf Coast five years ago. Their first collegiate assignment was to complete their QLC, which stands for choosing a favorite Quotation, identifying a Life Lesson they learned reading the book and, finally, picking a Character with whom they most identified.

Students should bring their QLC assignment to turn in during their discussion session. These sessions will not only allow new students to participate in the campus-wide Common Reading Experience, but will also allow them to get last-minute questions answered by their K Crew leader. Participants will receive a voucher to redeem for a free T-shirt at We Are UK (while supplies last).

We Are UK has evolved over recent years to become one of the most favorite events of incoming students. Held in the amphitheater behind Memorial Hall from 5 to 8 p.m., We Are UK is an exciting event that celebrates the uniqueness of the UK community. Live performances, ranging from hip hop to country, poetry to debate, and other random talents displayed by UK students, will keep the crowd entertained while they sample a variety of free food from Kentucky and from around the world.

Be on the lookout for the rowdy Blue Crew as they wander around the We Are UK event. They will be asking questions like: In what year was the University of Kentucky established? What were our original school colors before they were blue and white? If you can answer UK trivia questions like these, the Blue Crew might make your day with a fun prize.  

Other K Week events scheduled on Tuesday focus further on the academic life of the student.

Historical Marker Scavenger Hunt

8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Start at Sturgill Development Building, 450 Rose Street, for a walk through UK history and win exciting prizes. The Student Development Council has planned a scavenger hunt that will help students learn about their university Stop by the Sturgill Development Building on Rose Street by yourself or with teams of up to four. Sponsored by the Student Development Council.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Life of a Chemistry Major

9 - 10 a.m.

137 Chemistry-Physics Building

Thinking about a major in chemistry? Meet faculty, teaching assistants and current students. You will hear a brief which will introduce you to the department, give you an overview of presentation the chemistry program, inform you of research opportunities and potential careers, and more. Sponsored by the Department of Chemistry.

Several academic support presentations are scheduled from 11 to 11:50 a.m. Tuesday in various locations. All are TallyCats events. Detailed information is available at

A User Guide for Your Mathematics Class

Center Theater, Student Center

Are you taking a math class this semester? If so, then don‘t miss this session on how to excel in introductory math courses such as MA 108R, 109, 110, 111, 113 and 123. Mathematics faculty will share tips and advice on how to succeed in their classes. Presented by the Mathematics Department and College of Arts and Sciences. TallyCats Event

Letting the “Cat” Out of the Bag: Secrets to College Success

211 Student Center

Want to get the inside scoop on how to make the jump from high school to college? Come to this interactive session where you will be equipped with skills needed to be successful in college. Get tips on how to improve concentration and avoid distractions from students who have successfully navigated their way through UK. Learn basic time management techniques, how to manage stress, and how to prepare for exams. Come learn how to study like a Wildcat. Presented by Academic Enhancement in The Study. TallyCats Event

Succeeding in Sociology by Developing Your Sociological Imagination

230 Student Center

If you are taking SOC 101 this semester, you will want to participate in this discussion of how to excel in Sociology by learning to see the world through a sociological lens. Professor Edward Morris and other instructors of SOC 101 classes and discussion sections will share hints for success in reading, discussion, and test-taking in Sociology. Presented by the Sociology Department and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Academic Success: A Fresh Start for Your Freshman Year

231 Student Center

Members of the K Crew will cover the in‘s and out‘s of academic life at UK. Topics of discussion will include general class information, studying, tests, grades, papers, and academic resources. The differences between high school and UK will also be addressed. Join us and learn how to make the most of your fresh start as a freshman here at UK. Presented by the Office of New Student and Parent Programs.

Did I Just E-mail That to My Professor??

228 Student Center

Communicating with professors can be a scary thing, so you need to be sure you are doing it properly. Come to this session to learn how upperclass students have faced their fears with intimidating professors. Once you get their expertise, you will be one step ahead of all your classmates. Presented by the Office of New Student and Parent Programs.

W.T. Young Library Tours

Meet at the security desk in the lobby of W.T. Young Library

W.T. Young Library is one of the coolest buildings on our campus, but its size can make it a little intimidating. Get a head start on the fall semester by checking out all that Young Library has to offer. Sponsored by UK Libraries.

Open houses geared for academic support services abound Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All listings are for both days unless otherwise noted. Detailed information is available at

  -- Adult Student Services (13A Funkhouser Building) Weekdays 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  -- Air Force ROTC (203 Barker Hall)
  -- Army ROTC (Wednesday only)(Barker Hall/Buell Armory)
  -- Chellgren Center (224 Funkhouser Building)
  -- Disability Resource Center (Tuesday only) (2 Alumni Gym)
  -- Education Abroad (3rd floor Bradley Hall)
  -- Frazee Hall: Counseling Center and VIP Center (106 Frazee Hall for the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center) and (201 Frazee Hall for the Counseling Center)
  -- Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES)  (Tuesday only) (660 S. Limestone) 
  -- Stuckert Career Center (408 Rose Street)
  -- Student Activities Board (203 Student Center)
  -- Student Affairs (1st floor Frazee Hall) Visit the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  -- UK Information Technology (255 Student Center)
  -- Student Employment (Tuesday Only) (112 Scovell Hall)
  -- Student Government (120 Student Center)
  -- Student Support Services (6 Alumni Gym)
  -- Veterans Resource Center (124 Funkhouser Building)
  -- Wildcat Student TV (Tuesday only)(106 Student Center)
  -- WRFL (Tuesday only) (104 Student Center)

The World Is Your Canvas

11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Rasdall Gallery, 2nd floor Student Center

The Rasdall Gallery in the Student Center is an amazing place to relax and be creative. This event, provided by the Student Activities Board, will allow your creative juices to flow through several arts and crafts stations and will also provide free coffee and snack items to accompany your creative style. Be a part of a large art project by leaving your mark on the Rasdall Gallery canvas that will be displayed throughout the year in the Rasdall Gallery. Sponsored by Student Activities Board.

The academic support sessions continue from noon to12:50 p.m. All are TallyCat events.

Don’t Blow Yourself Up: Surviving Chemistry

Center Theater, Student Center

Are you taking Chemistry courses this year? Meet Dr. Stephen Testa and learn key ways to succeed in Chemistry. He will share tips for the best studying and test-taking practices. If you are enrolled in Chemistry this year, you won‘t want to miss this insider information. Presented by the Chemistry Department and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Write Right: Tips for Writing Well in College

230 Student Center

Are you taking ENG 104 this year? Then come learn insider tips on how to write well in college. ENG 104 requires you to write at least 25 pages of material – reflective, analytical, and research-based. Get on the right track now with an inside look into how to transform your words and thoughts into the perfect papers. Presented by the English Department and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Still Need Help Deciding on a Major?

231 Student Center

Choosing a major can seem like a complicated process, but with the right guidance and a few tips and hints, you can make a good decision that will set you up for success in the future. Presented by the Counseling Center.

Blackboard Basics

211 Student Center

Blackboard is an online tool that allows instructors to post course information, conduct virtual discussions, give quizzes and assignments, and more. You will likely use Blackboard to turn in homework and/or take quizzes in many of your first-year classes. You don‘t want to be stuck trying to figure out how to use the program at 11:59 p.m. when your first assignment is due at midnight. Come learn how to use the site before classes begin. Presented by the First Scholars Program at UK and the Office of New Student and Parent Programs.

W.T. Young Library Tours

Meet at the security desk in the lobby of W.T. Young Library

W.T. Young Library is one of the coolest buildings on our campus, but its size can make it a little intimidating. Get a head start on the fall semester by checking out all that Young Library has to offer. Sponsored by UK Libraries.

Academic college meetings are slated from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. All new students will attend the meeting held by their college. Students who have not yet decided on a major will attend the gathering for Undergraduate Studies. This is a great way to jump-start your academic career by meeting your new dean, professors, and advisers. See below for the location of your meeting:

  -- College of Agriculture -- Seay Auditorium, Agriculture Science Building North
  -- College of Arts and Sciences -- Various Student Center locations. Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology majors meet in Worsham Theater. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Math Econ, and Physics majors meet in Grand Ballroom. English, Gender and Women‘s Studies, History, International Studies, Linguistics, Classics, French, German, Russian, Philosophy, and Spanish majors meet in Center Theater.
  -- College of Business and Economics -- Memorial Hall 
  -- College of Communications -- 102 White Hall Classroom Building
  -- College of Design -- 209 Pence Hall
  -- College of Education -- Taylor Education Building
  -- College of Engineering -- Singletary Center
  -- College of Fine Arts -- Briggs Theatre, 127 Fine Arts Building
  -- College of Health Sciences -- 103 Wethington Building
  -- College of Nursing -- 220 & 223 Multi-Disciplinary Science Building (Old Pharmacy Building on Rose Street, next to the Nursing Building)
  -- College of Social Work -- 645 Patterson Office Tower
  -- Undergraduate Studies -- behind Miller Hall (in case of rain, meet in White Hall Classroom Building, rooms 106 and 118)

Detailed information about these and more events scheduled on Tuesday is available at