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UK WalkSafe Offers Winter Weather Safety Tips

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 5, 2017) — As winter weather nears, University of Kentucky students, faculty and staff have resources available to help them more safely navigate campus.

The UK WalkSafe campaign includes a website with maps showing the first routes through UK’s campus, including UK HealthCare, to be cleared during snow and ice events. Pathways marked in blue are the best bets for a safe walk to class or work.

In addition to the Smart Routes, the WalkSafe website also offers suggestions on Smart Shoes to help prevent slips and falls during winter weather. The Smart Steps section provides information on simple precautions students, faculty and staff can take, such as staying on mats or carpeted surfaces when possible, being cautious when moving from one surface to another, or shuffling flat-footed.

“Last winter was really mild, without too much snow and ice,” said Chris Dudley, Human Resources manager for leave administration. “Depending on which weather forecast you watch, we could be in for a different winter this year. Our goal is for students, staff, faculty and visitors to our campus to remain safe in all weather conditions.”

WalkSafe also promotes winter weather safety by encouraging anyone at the university to report unsafe conditions to Michele Laur, a safety specialist at UK. Reports can be made to