10 Things UK Students Love about Lexington


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10 Things UK Students Love about Lexington

1. Best of both worlds.

"I think Lexington's really neat because it is a big city, but it has a down-home, humble, southern vibe to it…everyone's really kind." - Danielle Brewer, Columbus, Ohio

"It definitely has the southern hospitality while also having a lot of things to do for a large urban center." - Trey Zimmerman, Lexington

2. Vibrant downtown.

"So it's big in its ideas but it's small and safe, what I mean by big in its ideas is there are tons of restaurants, they're opening up a 21C hotel, there's Thursday Night Live, which has food trucks and live music, and there's a farmer's market and everything just brings the community together." - Elizabeth Mechas, Lexington

"The Distillery District is a great place for people even under 21, and North Lime is great for breakfast but also a night market on the weekend." - Ross Boggess, Lexington

3. Opportunities abound.

"There's great opportunity no matter what you want to do, you know, job-wise, academically, service-wise; there's everything. I think what makes UK unique is that it is in Lexington, and it has all this opportunity of a big school. It has all this opportunity of the city, and the research, and the academics." - Emily Appel, Lebanon, Ohio


"You have so many more opportunities, not just in places to eat but places to internship at, research opportunities, the hospital's close by." - Elizabeth Mechas, Lexington


4. Close-knit community.


"You feel at home here, even though you're far from home. It's just become a great place to live." - Danielle Brewer, Columbus, Ohio


"Lexington is a small enough town to where it's comfortable and you know everybody and you'll see familiar faces, but it's big enough to where you're able to make a big scale difference, and you're able to always meet somebody new." - Ross Boggess, Lexington


5. Beautiful green spaces.


"There is the arboretum as well, which is this area of just rolling hills, green grass, beautiful flowers. It's a great place for running, for walks, no matter what you want to do." - Emily Appel, Lebanon, Ohio


"There's also the Henry Clay Estate that has beautiful gardens and really open green space." - Evelyne Mechas, Lexington


6. Location.


"You're right by Rupp Arena. You're right by Triangle Park. You're right by all of the downtown little shops and everything. That's what I really love about this city, too. But then you're also a 10-minute drive from the rolling hills and everything, by the horse farms and a 10-minute drive from Keeneland." - Morgan Seiver, St. Louis, Missouri 

7. Quirky culture.


"When I go to a restaurant here it has a lot of culture, it has a lot of history, and I really love that about Lexington." - Elaisy Gonzalez, Louisville, Kentucky


"Running downtown is awesome because there are beautiful murals…there's this beautiful Abraham Lincoln memorial mural." - Evelyne Mechas, Lexington


"There's always something going on in Lexington. There's always something related to the arts or creativity. There's always neat things to do." - Danielle Brewer, Columbus, Ohio

8. Love for local.


"I love just all the local things, especially all the local restaurants, the local stores. I think that's a big thing." - William Reedy, Corbin, Kentucky


"There's so many unique things to Lexington that have a local feel, and you really get to see the local character, and that's a great character to show. - Ross Boggess, Lexington


9. Alumni support.


"There are a lot of alumni of UK, and even people that didn't go to UK, that are always willing to help and are always looking to help UK students through experiences and internships." - Ross Boggess, Lexington

10. Exposure to new things.


"I've found little nooks and crannies within Lexington that I didn't know existed at first." - Sierra Hatfield, Harlan, Kentucky


"It's a little more diverse, which I like. I mean, it's definitely exposed me to new ideas, new kinds of people." - William Reedy, Corbin, Kentucky


"This is a super exciting time to be in Lexington. I've grown up here, and it is definitely on the uphill." - Ross Boggess


From horse racing to delicious eats to downtown festivals, there is so much to experience in this town. Share your favorite moments in Lexington by tagging #UKLovesLex on social media, and follow along with UK social media accounts as we share our own.


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