Second Cohort of Interdisciplinary Health Faculty Members Named CIHE Fellows and Associates

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 31, 2016) — The University of Kentucky Center for Interprofessional Health Education recently inducted faculty members from across four health colleges to the second cohort of faculty fellows and associates. Fellows are recognized as champions of multidisciplinary education through their involvement in research, learning and service opportunities bringing together a diverse group of professions. Interprofessional education (IPE) prepares students for collaboration with other disciplines in real-world health care environments and develops team-oriented faculty committed to improving health care delivery. Fellows and associates include: ·       Jennifer Cowley (Associate): College of Nursing·       Hartley Feld (Associate): College of Nursing·       Pinar Huja (Fellow): College of Dentistry·       Donna Morris (Fellow): College of Health Sciences·       Wayne Sanderson (Fellow): College of Public Health·       Lee Anne Walmsley (Associate):  College of Nursing As fellows and associates, these faculty members will assist the center in its mission to disseminate interdisciplinary curriculum to UK faculty and students in the six health sciences colleges on campus. Fellows and associates were either nominated by a member of the academic community or self-nominated.  The Center for Interprofessional Health Education is devoted to facilitating the design, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional education experiences for students, and provide interprofessional development opportunities for faculty. “We are very happy to welcome this new group of fellows and associates of the UK Center for Interprofessional Health Education. They are important advocates for IPE and have already made significant contributions to our efforts to prepare UK health professions students to enter the team-based health workforce of the future.  As a group, the exemplify in their own work, the sort of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork we hope to teach and thus are great role models for our students.” said Jim Norton, director of the center. MEDIA CONTACT: Elizabeth Adams,