State of the University

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 19, 2016) — Below is a video and blog message from University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto:

Dear Colleagues and Students,

We owe the promise and potential of better tomorrows to those who helped pave a path to where we are today.

It is the work of our UK family that has made previous successes and future promise possible. We are a campus rich in tradition, made wiser by both success and shortfalls, and by an unrelenting commitment to the betterment of the people we serve. Upon the blueprint of our Strategic Plan, there is an extraordinary amount of work happening across campus to move the University forward, nurturing an environment of belonging, carrying out our mission and fulfilling the priorities we set together. 

That is a story worth telling. 

In July, as part of my annual evaluation conducted by the Board of Trustees, there was a broad desire to expand the scope and availability of information related to the state of our university. In response, we wanted to think anew about how we can tell our story in a digital age, so more members of the University family can know and shape our shared narrative. We are launching a new online approach that will provide timely information that is easily accessible at a central source. The “State of the University” will be a constantly updated presence across two main platforms: the SOTU website and the new “see blue.” mobile app.

This resource will be a repository for the major initiatives underway that will help move our campus forward: Campus transformation, diversity and inclusivity, campus safety and climate, student success at all levels, research, and quality health care. The website will serve as a space for the University to share updates related to the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The site includes our goals, strategic initiatives and action steps for progress. We’ve also included the associated metrics and targets for each goal. In the future, with each passing year of the plan, we will also share progress data for each goal. The website also includes information related to our campus transformationstudent success, our research enterprise, critical campus safety initiatives, and dining, among others.

Paired with this initiative, the mobile app will allow community members to access this information on the go. Simply search “UK ‘see blue.’” in your device’s app store.

Indeed, it is our crucial responsibility – our promise – to maintain dialogue with our campus about our progress and priorities as we move forward together. We also wanted information related to the state of the university to be available more often than just once a year.

Because of you, we’ve made extraordinary progress, but there is more work to do. The greatest markers of success are the concrete representations of others’ trust in us: the students who choose to pursue their education at UK; the faculty who teach, mentor and discover here; the staff who dedicate their time to operating our campus and supporting our students and faculty; and the many alumni, donors and friends who represent and advocate for our university.

Our vision and mission for Kentucky's flagship institution is to transform. Because of you and the steadfast stewardship of those who came before us, we carry a precious legacy brought to life 150 years ago. Indeed, this is a story that all of us can -- and should -- be proud to share. 


Eli Capilouto