UKSGA’s All-student Survey Now Live

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 19, 2015) — The University of Kentucky Student Government Association (UKSGA) has released its annual all-student survey to the student body.

SGA Deputy Chief of Staff Rowan Reid, who oversaw the survey’s completion, said, “The all-student survey allows us to understand what’s important to every student on campus, not just those who contact us regularly.  The survey’s results provide SGA with data to ensure student voices are not overlooked when important decisions are being made at the university level.”

The all-student survey addresses a wide variety of topics, including the new alcohol policy, parking, dining, diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellness, housing, quality of classes, quality of advising, tuition, student debt and SGA’s services.

 “The information we receive from the all-student survey will allow us to plan for future goals based on what is most important to the student body,” Austin Mullen, student body president, explained. “It guides us in the right direction when discussing which initiatives to take on next.”

Students are encouraged to complete the survey by Friday, Dec. 18.  Those who complete the survey will also become eligible to win an Apple TV, Overboard 360 or tickets to a Kentucky basketball game.

The mission of the UKSGA is to represent all undergraduate, graduate and professional students enrolled at the university. UKSGA exists to increase student influence over academic policy, provide necessary student services, protect and expand student substantive and procedural rights and to better represent the student body in relations with the faculty, administration, Board of Trustees and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

For questions or concerns regarding the all-student survey, contact Rowan Reid at

MEDIA CONTACT: Katy Bennett or Rebecca Stratton, or, (859) 257-1909/(859) 323-2395