VIDEO: Survival Tips for Parents

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 10, 2010) - While children of all ages are preparing to go back to school, parents with children who are just starting kindergarten often aren't sure what will be expected of their kids in the classroom. Should they be expected to work well in groups? What about reading and motor skills?

But just as importantly, what if the parents themselves aren't ready for this big transition in their child's life?

Katherine McCormick, associate professor in interdisciplinary early childhood education in the University of Kentucky College of Education, discusses the necessary steps parents can take to make sure they are ready for their child's big day.

Watch the video below to see McCormick's advice, or visit UK's You Tube site, or click on this link to view.

McCormick holds the James W. and Diane V. Stuckert Service Learning Professorship and also co-directs the Global Issues Lab in the Kentucky P20 Innovation Lab, where she works with other professors to address the critical need to internationalize P-20 education, with a focus on the teaching of world languages and cultures.