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Follingstad Receives National Award


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 30, 2009) —  The University of Kentucky's Diane R. Follingstad, the Women’s Circle Endowed Chair for the Center for Research on Violence Against Women and professor of psychiatry in the College of Medicine, has been honored by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology with the Distinguished Contributions to Forensic Psychology Award for 2009. The award is given in recognition of long and distinguished history of both scholarly contributions and professional service to the field. 

[IMAGE2]Follingstad's primary research interests focus on forensic issues related to battered women, physical dating violence, and factors impacting jury verdicts in cases where battered women kill a partner. Her recent research efforts have led to more sophisticated measurement of psychological aggression.

"I am delighted to follow a long line of renowned forensic psychologists who have received this award, and to know that they consider my contributions worthy of this award is truly gratifying," said Follingstad. "I am pleased that this award can call attention to the excellent work and mission of the Center for Research on Violence Against Women and the excellent support of the University of Kentucky for this center."

Follingstad was named the Women’s Circle Endowed Chair of Studies on Violence Against Women in July of 2008 and she is currently a professor in UK's Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine.

“Dr. Follingstad’s award is a remarkable individual achievement about which we are extremely proud," said Carol Jordan, assistant provost and director of the Center for Research on Violence Against Women. "The award is also a signal to the nation that this institution serves as the academic home for some of the most distinguished scholars in the field and has become the incubator for the most far reaching discoveries in the study of violence against women."

The Distinguished Contribution to Forensic Psychology has been granted annually since 1985, at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. The award is announced in October and Follingstad will be presenting an address when she receives the award at the American Psychology-Law Society conference in March 2010 in Vancouver.

“It is through dedicated, tireless individuals, such as Dr. Follingstad, that UK has been able to establish a strong presence in this important area of research,” said Dr. Jay Perman, dean of the College of Medicine and vice president for clinical affairs. “Dr. Follingstad’s work is highly regarded and valued as the Center for Research on Violence Against Women continues to gain insight into an area that directly or indirectly affects all of us.”