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Stressed? Free Appointments With Health Coaches Available to Faculty and Staff

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 24, 2016) — In recent decades, stress — and what to do about it — has increasingly held national attention. Locally, the same holds true for our university community.

“Our faculty and staff have been concerned about their levels of stress and overall well-being according to surveys in recent years,” said Human Resources Health and Wellness Manager Jody Ensman. “Stress ranks as a leading concern.”As part of the university’s response, Ensman looked to emerging research within the health promotion field and hired health coaches specializing in stress and resiliency to round out the university’s team supporting employee well-being.

Health coaches address integrative health and well-being by using motivational communication techniques.

“I work with clients by listening to what truly has their attention and then I offer them the support to tune into that — and to make the changes they feel called to make at that time,” said Health Coach Amy Rodquist-Kodet.

Watch the video above with Rodquist-Kodet to learn more about how health coaches can support you.

Appointments with a health coach are just one of the many free and confidential services offered by the University of Kentucky Human Resources team supporting employee well-being. Faculty and staff may schedule free appointments (in-person or by phone/email) with:

Health Coaches Amy Rodquist-Kodet, MA, CHWC, and Jackie Hanson, MS, CHWC, TTS For holistic support related to meaning and purpose, mind-body integration, relationships and habits.

Work+Life Connections Counselors Ann Bassoni, LCSW, and Rhonda Henry, MSW, CSW For engaging in proactive mental health work and dealing with stressful life situations such as grief, family or work concerns.

Financial Well-Being Counselor Todd M. Macaulay, CFP ® and AIF ® For resources on budgeting and financial goals related to home, family, work and other events.

Dietitians Karen Bryla McNees, EdD, RD, and Vanessa Oliver, MS, RD, LD For personalized and affirming guidance on nutrition and dietary topics.

Exercise Physiologist Carrie Davidson, EdD, ACSM EP-C, RYT-200 For physical activity recommendations mindful of individual health needs.

Eldercare Specialist Terri Weber, MSW For assistance navigating challenges involved in caring for an elderly loved one.