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UK College of Nursing Honors Outstanding Alumni

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 2, 2010) − The University of Kentucky College of Nursing is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and in honor of this significant milestone, the college honored outstanding alumni for their countless accomplishments and contributions within the Commonwealth and across the nation, at a brunch in their honor held at the Lansdowne Signature Club over UK's Homecoming weekend.

Since the establishment of the college in 1960, the mission of the UK College of Nursing has been to create innovative educational programs   and become one of the top nursing programs in the nation. The solid foundation that was laid in the early years grew under the leadership provided by Deans Marcia Dake, Marion McKenna, Carolyn Williams and Jane Kirschling.

For the more than 5,000 alumni who have graduated from the College of Nursing since the first graduating class in 1964, their connection to the college has had both personal and institutional dimensions. Alumni have built rewarding careers and in doing so, have helped to advance the college's reputation through their contributions to the profession as well as to meeting the health care needs of Kentuckians and others.

“It is very exciting to recognize the contributions of 50 College of Nursing alumni as part of our 50th anniversary year long celebration," said Jane Kirschling, dean of the College of Nursing. "Each of the alumni who were honored are an important part of the College’s legacy. Their contributions over the years exemplify that UK nursing alumni are committed to nursing excellence and that individually and collectively they make a difference in the lives of those they serve. To each, I send my heartfelt appreciation for proving, year after year, that partnership and collaboration are still the most powerful tools in health care.”

The outstanding alumni honored at the alumni brunch were:

Melissa D. Avery

MSN 1982

Lora H. Beebe

MSN 1989, PhD 2000

Victoria M. Bradley

DNP 2005

Susan Brooks

BSN 1975

Pat A. Calico

BSN 1965

Janet S. Carpenter

MSN 1992, PhD 1996

Patricia C. Clark

MSN 1983

Marla J. DeJong

PhD 2005

Jane D. Englebright

BSN 1981

Linda B Gorton

BSN 1971

Nancy Dickenson-Hazard
B.S.N. 1968

Sue Thomas Hegyvary
B.S.N. 1965

Alice Gertrude Herman
M.S.N. 1972

Sheila E. Highgenboten

BSN 1974

Karen S. Hill

BSN 1987, MSN 1990, DNP 2010

Vicki Hines-Martin  

PhD 1994

Patricia B. Howard

MSN 1980, PhD 1992

Patty K. Howard

BSN 1983, MSN 1990, PhD 2004

Sherry Holmes

BSN 1972, MSN 1982

Tonda L. Hughes

MSN 1981

Marsha L. Hughes-Rease

BSN 1972

Barbara R. Kitchen       

MSN 1986, DNP 2005

Patricia A. Kurtz

BSN 1979

Melanie Lutenbacher

PhD 1994

Rosalie O’Dell Mainous

PhD 1996

Chris H. Mays

BSN 1980

Linda L. Moneyham

MSN 1980

Sarah D. Moore

BSN 1969, MSN 1976

Erla J. Mowbray

MSN 1985

Marilyn J. Musacchio

MSN 1972

Lynne G. Pearcey

MSN 1976

Deborah B. Reed

BSN 1974, MSN 1992, PhD 1997


Patricia A. Rice

MSN 1976

Carol A. Riker

MSN 1974

Karen M. Robinson

MSN 1977

Karen R. Robinson

BSN 1977

Deborah L. Royalty

BSN 1974

Cynda Hylton Rushton
B.S.N. 1978

Juliann G. Sebastian

BSN 1974, MSN 1977

Karen H. Sexton

MSN 1983, PhD 1996

Crystal R. Sherman

BSN 2000

Sally G. Siebert

BSN 1985

Kevin L. Smith

MSN 1985

Eula J. Spears

BSN 1965

Marcia K. Stanhope

BSN 1967

Karen A. Stefaniak

MSN 1982

Kathleen D. Wagner

BSN 1982, MSN 1987

 Elizabeth (Betsy) Elder Weiner
B.S.N. 1975

Gail E. Wise

BSN 1975, MSN 1980

Gail A. Wolf

MSN 1978

Jane Younger

MSN 1973