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UK Professors Recognized As Top 1 Percent of Prolific Scholars In Communication Studies and Research

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 13, 2017) — Three faculty members in the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information have been recognized as being in the top 1 percent of prolific scholars in communication studies and scholarly research productivity.

Brandi Frisby, associate professor of instructional communication and research, and Jessalyn Vallade, assistant professor of instructional communication and research, both in the School of Information Science, and Bobi Ivanov, associate dean of graduate programs in communication and a professor in the Department of Integrated Strategic Communications, were recognized in Communication Education, a quarterly academic journal covering speech and communication on college campuses. The study, “Scholarly productivity in communication studies: five-year review 2012-2016,” highlighted trends and characteristics of prolific scholarship and research productivity of 32 individuals who are considered prolific scholars across 24 journals, and nine individuals who are considered prolific across central journals.

The study reports that out of the 3,889 scholars who claim one publication in the various journals studied, only 32 of these scholars who represent the top 1 percent have at least nine publications in various communication studies journals. 

According to Communication Education, the study recognizes variables that could possibly produce faculty research productivity. After studying numerous communication studies of faculty from 2012-2016, the study indicates “data demonstrates that most prolific scholars in communications studies tend to come from institutions that support high research output.” Another variable included in research proliferation on an individual level is collaboration with other scholars.

Frisby had 16 publications, Vallade had nine; and Ivanov had nine . Patric Spence, formerly of the School of Information Science, was also recognized with 13 publications.

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