VIDEO: Research Thrives Because of Clinical Trials

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 28, 2013) ― University of Kentucky researchers say clinical trials play an integral role in the work they're doing to discover new ways to treat, prevent and cure a wide variety of diseases.

Last week, UKNow explored how and why participants benefit from clinical trials.  In today's video, viewers will learn about how researchers are able to forward their work through trials. This is the fourth part of an in-depth video series on UKNow, which examines clinical research at the University of Kentucky.

Watch the video above as researchers explain how clinical trials are absolutely crucial to their research, enabling science to advance toward better treatments for conditions like cancer, pain and diabetes.

For more information on participating in clinical trials, visit:, or

The fifth video of this five-part series will be released next Thursday, April 4, on UKNow.  To view the other videos in this series, click on the playlist below.

*Special thanks to Roxane Poskin of CCTS, the Sanders Brown Center on Aging and the REVEAL video team for footage used in this video.