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College of Dentistry Welcomes Class of 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 23, 2009) − The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry recently welcomed 57 new students into the dental profession with the presentation of the traditional doctors white coat at a ceremony held on Friday, Sept. 11 at Memorial Hall on UK's campus.

[IMAGE1]The College of Dentistry Alumni Association and the American College of Dentistry helped to sponsor the event, making it possible for each member of the class to receive a personalized monogrammed white coat.

Keynote speaker Sharon Turner, dean of the College of Dentistry, charged the class of 2013 to reflect on this rite of passage and to "accept both the rights and the responsibilities that come with the role of a dental professional."

"White has been symbolic of purity and thus associated with noble causes and generic good," Turner said. "Similarly, the traditional doctor's outer garment, whether the doctor is a physician or a dentist, is the symbol of the caring profession."

The College of Dentistry's class of 2013 is comprised of 25 males and 32 females, 41 of whom are from Kentucky.