UK HealthCare

Drive-Thru Seasonal Flu Shots Canceled

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 7, 2009) —  UK HealthCare's drive-thru seasonal flu shot program has been canceled due to limited availability of the seasonal influenza vaccine. The drive-thru shots were originally scheduled to have been offered on Wednesday, Oct. 14 and Thursday, Oct. 15.

Seasonal flu vaccine manufacturers have slowed shipments of the seasonal vaccine due to increased need for those same manufacturers to focus on H1N1 vaccine production. 

"We regret that the drive-through shots are not going to be offered this year," said Sharon Berry, hospital safety officer. "We made every attempt to locate additional vaccine, but there has been an increased demand this year and the manufacturers are simply not able to deliver our full allotment."

It is recommended to contact your primary care physician's office to inquire about seasonal fu shot availability or visit a retail location offering the shots.