Fostering Financial Wellness

Photo of UK sign outside of Gatton Student Center

Throughout the month of April, I hope you will engage with us in an important conversation regarding financial wellness and literacy.

After the challenges we’ve faced this past year, it has never been more important to focus on preparing for the future.

As the University for Kentucky, we embrace the opportunity to support, strengthen and equip lives through efforts to enhance financial knowledge and well-being. Financial Literacy Month is a compelling reminder that lifelong learning and growing continues in all aspects of our lives – including cultivating financial wellness. 

The success of our community in financial wellness remains a vital component of our shared welfare. As an institution, we are dedicated to propelling and supporting our employees in this area.

I would like to thank our colleagues in Human Resources for their commitment to providing resources to employees. Because of their work, there are numerous resources available and specially designed to support your financial success.

You can learn more about those resources here.

In fact, employees can take part in financial well-being benefits in three ways:

We hope you engage with us in these important conversations and take advantage of these resources available to you.

As always, we hope to see all across our community flourish and thrive, fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose. After all, our people are essential to our institution and its mission—for our campus and the broader community we serve.

Eric N. Monday