Utilities Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Work

photo of William T. Young Library

Beginning next week, the Office of Facilities Management will begin important utilities infrastructure work at the heart of our campus near the William T. Young Library. The project will begin near the library and progress west across the lawn toward the Mining and Minerals Resources Building.  

The William T. Young Library houses a general undergraduate collection and social sciences, humanities, business, biology and agricultural materials. As the central library in the university library system, it also is home to the Dean's Office and a number of centralized library and university services.

Throughout the year, but particularly as midterms approach, this building plays a central role in student success.  For that reason, work to upgrade a number of utilities will begin on October 15 and is expected to be complete by the end of November.

The steam line between Kelley Building and Annex 5 will also be replaced.  This work will be take place in the parking lot between the two buildings.  It will also start in Mid-October but will finish a couple weeks earlier in mid-November.

While most of the construction activities will be confined within a fenced perimeter around the work site, at times sidewalks in the area will also be blocked.  Please be aware of the construction as you plan your commutes across campus.

Both of these projects are replacing deteriorated steam pipes.  The work is a part of a larger campus sustainability initiative to reduce our campus energy consumption. Over the last several years, we have significantly strengthened our commitment to sustainability at the University of Kentucky; it is manifest in a broad set of initiatives, programs and guiding documents.

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Eric N. Monday