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10 Proposals Receive Inclusive Excellence Grants from the Office for Institutional Diversity

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 7, 2017) — Last semester, the Office for Institutional Diversity at the University of Kentucky selected grant recipients for the second round of Inclusive Excellence Program Grants. The office sought innovative inclusive excellence programs that focused on students and fostered collaboration and partnerships among groups, centers, programs and registered student organizations.

The Office for Institutional Diversity selected 10 proposals to award the second round of grant funding. The winning proposals are as follows:

Conflict in Conversations

The Student Success Committee of the Department of Communication will host an event that identifies the importance of diverse conversations and provide conversation tools to cultivate positive dialogue beyond the classroom. An expert panel will include scholars and practitioners accomplished in conflict management, positive dialogue and media coverage and literacy. The event – to be announced – will be open to all university faculty, staff and students.

Mr. and Ms. Black UK

The Mr. and Mrs. Black UK pageant has been conducted on UK’s campus for decades and brings together students of color for a Homecoming event in a welcoming and fun environment.  Attendance at the pageant is open to the public.

Come Together Kentucky

Come Together Kentucky is the Commonwealth’s only annual LGBTQ* student-focused conference. The conference focuses on engaging college communities in LGBTQ* related academic and activist work and creating crucial university-focused conversations. The event is scheduled for Nov.ember 10-12, 2017.

Breaking Down Barriers through Communal Dinners

The Campus Kitchen – a student service organization that recovers food in order to make healthful meals for the underserved – will establish on-campus communal dinners. Weekly dinners will build on research and work in collaboration with UK’s Universities Fighting World Hunger and SSTOP Hunger. The dinners will challenge a way of thinking to foster an encouraging environment of diverse people, thoughts and ideas.  

Cultivating Community Solidarity and Social Justice Through World Music

This interactive series of events is designed to stimulate intercultural reflection, practice and dialogue between students, staff and faculty – to include Balinese Gamelan workshop; a roundtable discussion titled, “Sounding Protest and Reflecting on Social Justice in Music"; and a “sing-in” style workshop with Affrilachian folk musicians and the UK World Music Concert in November.

Kentucky Gender and Women’s Studies Conference

This conference will bring together a diverse community of engaged students by providing the opportunity to present research projects related to the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, nation/regional origin and ethnicity. The event is scheduled for Sept. 16, 2017.

Queerslang VI

Through music, art and programming, Queerslang aims to celebrate and engage with the local LGBTQ* community. The new, week-long format of the Queerslang festival – in collaboration with LGBTQ* Resources Office and WRFL – will add art exhibitions, Thursday night educational workshops and align with the National Coming Out Day. 

We Are UK

We Are UK is an exciting event that celebrates the opening of the fall semester and the uniqueness of the UK community. A long-time staple of K Week, the festival includes a variety of food from Kentucky Proud vendors, live performances ranging from hip-hop, country, poetry, debate and other random talents acts from UK students, faculty and staff.  The event was held last month.

Diversity Weekend

Diversity Weekend is designed to create a positive atmosphere where multicultural and international communities on campus can showcase their culture. The Cultural Street Market will be featured with an opportunity for all to become familiar with the varied international cultures and communities on campus. 

African Awareness Week

Hosted in connection with the Diversity Weekend, the week’s activities include lectures, dance workshops, food tasting and cultural discussions designed to provide a unique perspective of the African culture.