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Office for Institutional Diversity to Offer Inclusive Excellence Program Grants

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 1, 2016) — As a campus community, the University of Kentucky demonstrates its commitment to encouraging an environment of diverse people, thoughts, ideas and teachings. However, there is still a call to work more collectively and challenge our ways of thinking and doing. To encourage more engagement, teaching and learning, the Office for Institutional Diversity will be offering Inclusive Excellence Student Program grants.

The office is seeking innovative inclusive excellence programs that are student-centric and foster collaborative programming and partnerships among groups, centers, programs, registered student organizations and/or initiatives that have goals to:

  • create or improve collaborative programs that include or address the importance of diverse views and cultures;
  • encourage the participation of all students in inclusive excellence initiatives at the university;
  • educate ourselves and others on issues of social justice, diversity, intercultural dialogue and communication;
  • increase belonging and engagement of marginalized, historically underrepresented and minority groups;
  • develop sustainable programs that increase awareness and appreciation for a diverse and inclusive community; and/or
  • increase opportunities for collaborative learning around issues of inclusive excellence.

Preference will be given to groups, centers, programs, registered student organizations (in good standing) and/or initiatives that propose activities and opportunities that:

  • are inclusive of our diverse student populations;
  • demonstrate collaborative partnerships with other groups, centers, programs, registered student organizations and initiatives that engage diverse students across various identities; 
  • serve as models for replication and sustainability throughout the campus community; and
  • extend the success of existing programs or events at the university with significant impact.

For more information or to submit a proposal, visit