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Fellows Weekend Honors UK Donors

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 24, 2009) The University of Kentucky Office of Development celebrates the spirit of giving this weekend in Lexington by honoring members of the Fellows Society.


The UK Fellows Society is a recognition program for donors who give $10,000 or more to the university.


"Since less than 17 percent of UK's budget is derived from state funds, private support is vital to the university," said Paula Pope, director of campaign services and donor relations for the UK Office of Development. "Fellows are a generous source of support for UK."


A dinner and dance Sept. 25 will honor 244 new Fellow inductees, along with 49 members of the Fellows Society who have upgraded their recognition level  through increasing their donations.  The event is held in conjunction with the Development Council Weekend.


"Each year we have the opportunity to entertain new members and upgraded members of the Fellows Society and personally thank them for their contributions to UK," Pope said.  "Fellows are able to meet and interact with President Todd, deans, and other UK faculty and staff to learn more about important programs and initiatives at UK."


Since the program began in 1966, more than 8,000 donors have been named Fellows.  The program honors various levels of giving: University Fellows ($10,000 or more, individuals only); Henry Stites Barker Fellows ($50,000 or more); John Bryan Bowman Fellows ($250,000 or more); James Kennedy Patterson Fellows ($500,000 or more); and Presidential Fellows ($1 million or more).           


"We are so grateful for the loyal support these alumni and friends extend to the University of Kentucky," Pope said.


This year's Fellows are:


Presidential Fellows


John P., Jr. and Virginia T. (In Memoriam) Barrow, Lexington;  Wendell R. and Vickie L. Bell, Lakeside Park; Brown-Forman, Louisville; William S. Cooper, Elizabethtown; E.ON U.S. LLC, Louisville; Marksbury Family Foundation, Lexington; The Mt. Brilliant Family Foundation, Lexington; The Bernard Osher Foundation, San Francisco, Calif.; William E. and Casiana Schmidt, Osprey, Fla; Hilde R. Shapiro, In Memoriam; and UK Alumni Association, Lexington.



James Kennedy Patterson Fellows


Dee A. and Lilialyce S. Akers, In Memoriam; Sue Cumbee Badgett, Hanson; Wm. Graham and Molly R. Baughman, Louisville; Stephen P. and Rita C. Branscum, Russell Springs; Richard J. and Debra Domres Huxley, Fairpoint, NY; Alice P. Killpatrick, In Memoriam; Martha B. Reynolds, In Memoriam; R. Shawn and Karen J. Rich, Elizabethtown; and Scott S. Smith, Alpharetta, Ga.



John Bryan Bowman Fellows



Robert Lytle Anderson, In Memoriam; William Horace, Jr. and Mayola Walter; Boykin, Ashland; W. David and Betsy Nowland Curry, Lexington; James G. and Janet J. Harralson, Atlanta, Ga.; R. Milton Huffaker, Lexington; David R. and Andrea Clark Jacobs, Stamping Ground; Kentucky Bar Foundation, Frankfort; Kentucky Forest Industries Association, Frankfort; Logan Renee Marksbury, Lexington; Davis L. Marksbury, Lexington; Paul E. and Judi C. Patton, Pikeville; and  Michael D. Rankin, Danville.



Henry Stites Barker Fellows


Advanced Dynamics Inc., Lexington; William V. Alford, Jr., Lexington; Robert Lytle Anderson, In Memoriam; Armstrong Coal Company, Inc, Madisonville; William Miles, Jr. and Shannon Bishop Arvin, Nicholasville; Gregory H. and Lynn G. (In Memoriam) Au, Melbourne, Fla.; Robert Tracy Axton, Louisville; Jerry, Jr. and Melody Barnette, Lexington; Jo Lyn Richardson Begle, Louisville; T. Bruce and Jennifer Anderson Bell, Lexington; A. Stuart Bennett and Anita M. Britton, Versailles; Herman A. and Patricia S. Blair, Lexington; James Donald and Marilyn Jean Cain, Lexington; Timothy J. and Anna M. Cambron, Versailles; L. Curtis and Patricia Hampton Cary, Lexington; Elvira E. Christerson, In Memoriam; Joseph H. Clark, Lexington; Beatrice A. Cleveland, In Memoriam; Tony C. Clevenger and Kathi A. Parsons, Lexington; CTI Science, Inc, Lexington; John A. and Patricia Deacon, Lexington; James E. and Rebecca L. Dockter, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Ralph and Norma L. Edwards, In Memoriam; Equestrian Events, Inc, Lexington; Richard T., Jr. and Lisa C. Ernst, Cincinnati, Ohio; Franklin H., Jr. and Anne H. Farris, Louisville; Ken and Crinda Francke, Nicholasville; William R. Garmer, Lexington; Steven J. and Susan B. Goldstein, Lexington; Ronald L. and Janet Lloyd Grimm, Knoxville, Tenn,; Fred P. and Holly A. Hadley, Lexington; and F. Joseph, III and Joan S. Halcomb, Camarillo, Calif.


 Horseman's Financial Group, Inc, Lexington; David W. and Jill G. Hughes, London, UK; Margaret Bell Humphrey, In Memoriam; Paul L. and Jeannine Jett, Morristown, Tenn.; Bryan K. and Rhonda K. Johnson, Louisville; William R. Johnson, Pikeville; Fred  M., Jr. and Callie C. Keller, Lexington; Kentucky Coal Association, Lexington; Hagar Koostra, In Memoriam; Elizabeth Ritchey Yost Lea, In Memoriam; Gordon W. Leishman, Lexington; Robert D. and Hendra L. Marciani, Edgewood; Marc L. and Elizabeth W. Marlette, Florence; Muhlenberg County Board of Education, Powderly; Douglas M. and Susan C. Neuman, Lexington; Laura Ann Isaacs Rankin, Edmond, Okla.; Jill M. Rappis, Chicago, Ill.; Robert E. Rich, Cincinnati, Ohio; Joseph E. (In Memoriam) and Rebecca M. Richardson, Louisville; Marylou Roth, In Memoriam; Luke D. Schmidt, Prospect; Scott Sheehan, In Memoriam; Thomas E. Shown, Winston-Salem, NC; SNF Inc., Riceboro, Ga.; William N. and Patricia H. Stacy, Marietta, Ga.; Mark J. Swofford, Pikeville; Septtimous Taylor, Owensboro; Evin Patton and Daryl B. Vann, Glasgow; Wal-Mart #569, Columbia; Wal-Mart #591, Cynthiana; Wal-Mart #689, Somerset; Wal-Mart #720, Frankfort; Wal-Mart #825, Stanford; Wal-Mart #1210, Nicholasville; Wal-Mart #2060, Lexington; Wal-Mart #2628, Lexington; Edna Mae White, In  Memoriam; Jacob Jones and Tosha Huffman Yunker, Lexington; and Brad and Michelle Zapp, Union.



University Fellows


Jim and Jennifer Arington, Louisville; Freddie C. and Shirley A. Barnard, Lafayette; Joe R. and Peggy E. Barnes, Lexington; Suzanne Barnhill, Corbin; Roger G. and Simone S. Barrett, Lutz, Fla.; Louie Bosworth, Lexington; Jeffrey James Brock, Harlan; Terry C. and Debbie S. Brown, Frankfort; Mike Brownell, Lexington; Alonzo F. and Mary Louise Brummett, In Memoriam; Wesley R. and Susan H. Butler, Lexington; Michael Emerson Carlisle, Sewanee, Tenn.; David E. and Beverly M. Carr, Lexington; Elberta Casey, Lexington; Brian and Cathy Celsor, Scottsville; Ching Kuang and Shukwei L. Chow, Lexington; Richard Glenn and Karen Shyrock Clement, Cadiz; Harley S. and Pamela S. Clemons, Lexington; W. Ronnie and Charlotte D. Coffman, Ithaca College, N.Y.; C. Glen and Jamie T. Combs, Lexington; Richard James and Angela Jo Conner, Lexington; Joe E. and Elizabeth P. Coons, Lexington; Brian Douglas Cooper, Lexington; Gregory A. Cobetto, Harrodsburg; Cynthia B. Couch, London; Elaine C. Cox, Stone Mountain, Ga.; Lauren Cox, Louisville; Stephen Douglas and Allison Feiree Cox, Lexington; Anne-Russell Noffsinger Creech, Lexington; Patrick J. and Cathy Reeves Crowley, Lexington; Ralph A., III and Diane R. Currie, Lexington; Roger M. and Lucy R. Dalton, Louisville; Frank Daugherty, In Memoriam; Melvin W.  and Beverly W. Dean, Lexington; George A. and Helen A. Digenis, Louisville; Gregory W. and Stephanie B. Dimmich, Allentown, Penn.; Joe B. and Martha J. Dixon, College Station; J. Burton and Deborah Richardson Douglass, Sharps Chapel, Tenn.; Bruce Allen and Melinda Drake, Nicholasville; Michael G. and Deborah L. Duckworth, Versailles; and Steven Brian Edelstein, Chicago, Ill.


Paul R. and Bonnie M. Eusner, Olive Hill; Robley D. and  Ann G. Evans, In  Memoriam; Johnny E. Farmer, Harlan; Becky B. Faulconer, Lexington; Daniel B. Featherston, Lexington; Marshall G. Frazer, Nashville, Tenn.; Coleman Friedman, In  Memoriam; Richard B. and Marty Bickett Frost, Plattsburg, NY; Rhandi Q. Gallegos, Kennesaw, Ga.; Fred E. and Susan B. Gilliam, Ft Thomas; Tom J. and Katherine R. Godell, Lexington; Linda S. Gorman, Lexington; Michael J. and Deborah Rizzo Graziano, Pennington, NJ; Kevin J. Hable, Louisville; Steven A. and Margaret Patrick Haist, Gladwyne, Penn.; Steve L. Hamilton, Carmel, Ind.; Jack F. and Kathy M. Hanser, Louisville;  John H. (In Memoriam) and Wickliffe B. Hardwick, Lexington; William H. Harkins, Jr., Cary, N.C.; Paul E. Harper, Woodstock, Ga.; Scott and Martha C. Haynes, Nicholasville; Darrell R. and Donna S. Hazle, Claremore, Okla.; Bill and Tricia Hensley, Lexington; Alex P., Jr. and Mary Scott Herrington, Louisville; David Ernest and Andrea Riddle Hilliard, McLean, Va.; Donald Lee and Marie Emlen Hochstrasser, Lexington; Anthony Yates and Sherry Lassiter Holloway, Gracey; Rick Q. and Lisa F. Honaker, Nicholasville; Kelly Lee and Allison May Horseman, Lexington; David G. and Shirley R. Howard, Brentwood, Tenn.; Howard P. Hunt, Danville; Charles Andrew Isaacs, Lexington; Steve and Geri Isaacs, Versailles; William H., II and Kathy Jansen, Raleigh, NC; Gary and Connie Jennings, Lexington; Peace N. Jessa, Lexington; D. Scott and Amy M. Johnson, Lexington; James C. and Virginia H. Johnson, Nicholasville; and Wendy Lea Johnson, Clarksville, Tenn. 


Chuck and Sarah Coursey Jones, Murray; Larry D. and Linda S. Jones, Versailles; Richard A. and Wilma Jean Jones, Lexington; Andrew Todd and Jennifer Thomas Kaiser, Stanton; Mary Rose Kellerman, In Memoriam; Mark Lawrence Kornbluh and Miriam Joy Behar, Lexington; Don B. and M. Vicki Kupper, Crestwood; Roger Ladenburger, Lexington; Mel, Jr. and Tracie A. Langley, Lexington; W. Michael and Vicki L. Leake, Danville; Charles E. and Kathi L. Ledford, Winchester; Florence A. Leininger, Lexington; Timothy L. and Patricia C. Lewis, Harrodsburg; Barry and Mary Anne Loy, Columbia; James W., Sr. and Jean Lyon, Russell; Keith Lawrence and Ann Abbott Lyons, Saint Matthews; Christopher L. Magruder, Lowell, Mass.;  Kevin D. Martello, Haughton, La.; Joey Mattingly ,Louisville; Henry T. and Pauline B. McCarley, Lexington; Brendan and Denise McCarthy, Lexington; Chris M. McDaniel III, Scottsdale, Ariz.; Douglas L. and Nan G. McSwain, Lexington; Beth Ann Miller, Lexington; Rebecca S. Mobley, Lexington; Donald P., II and Catherine B. Moloney, Lexington; Phillip M. and Mary Jo Moloney, Lexington; Laura Shay Morris-Olson, El Paso, Texas; Paul B. Mulhollem and Valerie K. Cravens, Carlisle; Ryan Scott and Angie Vivian Nunnelley, Lexington; H. Dan and Mary John O'Hair, Lexington; Steven Ray Osborne, Luling, La.; Larry George and Betty Combs Owen, Pittsboro, NC; Mark Lane and Theresa Jean Owens, Paducah; Charles E., Jr. and Betty Jo Palmer, Lexington; Jane J. Parrish, In  Memoriam; Drura Parrish, Lexington; Jan Johnson Patton, Paintsville; Gus T. Petro, Frankfort; John R. Phillips, Lexington; Bruce Wayne and Patricia Maxwell Pieratt, Lexington;            Forest R. and Sharon L. Pope, Lexington; Thomas L. Pope, Lexington; Steven P. and Nedra A. Preston, Naples, Fla.; Albert A. Prewitt II, Lexington; Dwight L. and Peggy H. Price, Lexington; and J. Richard, Jr., and Marion Morris Queen, Lexington.           


Ben T. and Diane B. Quinn, Glasgow; Ben T. Quinn, Jr., Simpsonville; Joseph Darlington Raine, Sr., In  Memoriam; Martha D. Rankin, Louisville; Timothy Rives Rash II, Lexington; Ben Noland Reeves, Lancaster; Reese and Becky Reinhold, Lexington; Mark L. Rexroat, Dallas, Texas; Sarah Jane Richey, Lexington; Athur K. and Cheri R. Rivard, Danville; Ray and Suzanne Roberts, Louisville; R. Alan and Mylinda K. Royalty, Marietta, Ga.; Stanley A. Salchli, Frankfort; Ronald L. Sanders and Ardis D. Hoven, Lexington; Betty Moore Sandler, Arlington, Va.; Kay Sargent, Lexington; David M. and Belinda F. Schmidt, Nashville, Tenn.; Jeffrey T. Schroeder, Indianapolis, Ind.; Thomas W. and Mary A. Shaver, Thousand Oaks, Calif.; Daniel A. Simons, Richmond; Roy D. (In Memoriam) and Dottie Perry Sims, Smyrna, Tenn.; Jerry Lee and Karen Kan Sisk, Lexington; Glenn N. Slack, Russellville; Anna Bain Slater, Vero Beach, Fla.; Jeremy and Julie Atkinson Smith, Lexington; Thomas A. and Marsha L. Smith, Midlothian, Va.; William T. and Suzanne Weaver Smith, Lexington; William M. and Amy B. Snell, Paris; Munro and Katherine Steckler, Lexington; Robert W. Stopher, Jr., Versailles; Joyce Roney Strauss, Lexington; E. Douglas and Melissa Lewis Stephan, Lexington; Donald L. and  Mary T. Stuber, Louisville; Richard J. and Nena M. Sweigard, Lexington; Corky and Jamia Taylor, Sarasota, Fl.; and Ralph N. Taylor, Owensboro.


V. Ferguson and Paula H. Taylor, Lexington; Amanda Christine Thaxton, Huntingburg, Ind.; A. J. Thomas, Jr., Louisville; Thomas M. and Maryann Thompson, Bowling Green; Trudy Oexmann Tibbs, Lexington; Charles S. and Mollie A. Tichenor, Taylorsville; John W. and Elizabeth M. Toombs, Lexington; Brian Wm. Tremain and Philip Coover Dunn, Lexington; Tate T. H. and Eva Tsang, Lexington; Joseph Edward and Mary Marcia Van Sickels, Lexington; Andrew Martin and Anne Vonderheide Varga, Louisville;  Brett Alan and Sarah Benson Vickey, Nicholasville; Robert C., Jr. and Jill M. Wade, Sonora; Donald D. Waggener, Lexington; Carmel and Jane R. Wallace, Corbin; Travis Wallace, Nicholasville; W. Kenneth and Patricia A. Weedman, Cincinnati; Byron Wayne and Myrna M. Wesley, Lexington; Frances Wang West, Newton, Mass.; Tyler R. Whisman, Berea; David L. Williams, Richmond; Steven Floyd and Nancy White Wills, Florence; Stephen M. and Elinda A. (In Memoriam) Bates Wing, Twinsburg, Ohio; Billy V. Wise, Lexington; Weston W. Worthington, Covington; and Steven D. and Kelly L. Wright, Nicholasville.


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