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Kentucky's Heartbeat VIDEO: Volunteers Who Welcome Our Wildcats

Video produced by UK Public Relations and Marketing. To view captions for this video, push play and click on the CC icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If using a mobile device, click on the "thought bubble" in the same area.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 30, 2017) — "We're glad you're here." That's the message a small army of students, administrators, faculty and staff hoped to spread from the moment thousands of new Wildcats and their families stepped on campus for University of Kentucky's 2017 Move-In.

But they didn't just welcome students and their families with their smiles and words. They spent hours upon hours helping our newest students by unloading their cars and trucks in the midst of heat and humidity. 

In fact, this August, 48 UK Police Department personnel directed traffic, 134 volunteers headed up cart stations and 969 members of the UK family unloaded cars and coordinated the move-in process at all the residence halls.

Watch the video above to discover why UK employees love volunteering their time at Move-In and hear how grateful students and their families are for their welcoming spirit.

This video feature is part of our UKNow series, “Kentucky’s Heartbeat — the pulse of our institution.” The goal is to highlight the people who are working every day to help each and every student succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

If you know of someone who you think should be featured because of his or her dedication to the student experience, please email us. Who knows? We might just choose your suggestion for our next feature on UKNow!

Volunteers Helping with UK Move-In 2017
Student Volunteers Help with UK Move-In 2017
UK Volunteer Helps with UK Move-In 2017
The Wildcat Helps with UK Move-In 2017