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Notice of New and Revised University Regulations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 12, 2017 University of Kentucky General Counsel William Thro recently notified members of the university community about new and revised university regulations. Below is the email Thro sent to employees and students of the university July 11:

The University of Kentucky formally approves, issues, and maintains in a consistent format, official university regulations in a central regulations library. University regulations connect the university’s mission to individual conduct, clarify institutional expectations, support compliance with laws and regulation, mitigate institutional risk, and enhance productivity and efficiency in the university operations. University regulations are thoroughly reviewed, maintained, and made available to the university community to promote compliance, and accountability. State law authorizes the Board of Trustees to establish regulations for the governance of the university. (KRS 164.180 and KRS 164.200)

The Governing Regulations contain policies established by the Board of Trustees for the governance of the university; describe the composition, powers and duties of the Board of Trustees; and, establish policies and procedures for the performance of the Board of Trustees functions. The Governing Regulations delineate the duties of the president and responsibilities of the University Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association, and the educational and administrative units of the university. The Board of Trustees makes final approval of Governing Regulations. 

The Administrative Regulations provide interpretation and implementation of the university-wide policies set forth by the Board of Trustees. Administrative Regulations, including the Human Resource Policies and Procedures and the Business Procedures, are typically approved by the president, unless board approval is required for legal or accreditation reasons. For more information on the regulation process, please see Governing Regulation XIII and Administrative Regulation 1:6

The Office of Legal Counsel is pleased to announce the issuance of the following new and revised Governing Regulations (GR) and Administrative Regulations (AR):

GR VII, University Organization (Approved by the Board of Trustees, 6/16/17)

This Governing Regulation has been revised to permit the Lewis Honors College to directly hire Lecturer Series faculty. The Governing Regulation previously stated that all Honors College faculty would have primary appointments in other colleges. The Honors College has determined that a foundational seminar will be central to the new honors curriculum and that Lecturer Series faculty with primary appointments in the Honors College should provide the instructional support for this seminar.

AR 4:9, International Education Travel (Approved by the President, 6/8/17)

This Administrative Regulation has been revised to clarify what constitutes “explicit endorsement” by the university of international education travel experiences. It has been revised to clarifying the university’s policy on student international travel in countries under U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings or countries under a Level 3 CDC Warning and to outline the required review process for approval of such travel. As part of the review process, the revisions include a new committee, International Health, Safety, and Security Committee. The regulation has been further revised to clarify the role of the Education Abroad Committee, which was previously undefined, and to reflect changes that have occurred within the organizational structure of the UK International Center. 

AR 4:11, Community of Concern, Interim (Approved by the President, 5/11/17)

This new Administrative Regulation formally establishes the university’s Community of Concern Team, which has been in place for several years. The regulation defines the Community of Concern Team’s membership and responsibilities, as well as intervention standards that will be utilized to assist students of concern. The Community of Concern Team also will be responsible for managing procedures for Student Involuntary Medical Withdrawal (see New AR 4:12). This Interim Regulation will be reviewed by the University Senate in the fall of 2017. 

AR 4:12 Student Involuntary Medical Leave, Interim (Approved by the President, 5/11/17)

This new Administrative Regulation establishes the policies and procedures for involuntary medical withdrawal for students whose welfare or behavior is a concern and who cannot be adequately helped by the university’s available resources and the return of those students to class after an involuntary medical withdrawal. This Interim Regulation will be reviewed by the University Senate in the fall 2017.

AR 6:5, Tobacco Policy (Approved by the President, 4/27/17)

This Administrative Regulation has been revised to include the use of electronic smoking devices and the addition of contractors as persons subject to this regulation. The regulation has been further revised to ensure it conforms to Americans for Nonsmoker’s Rights’ expectations so that the university can receive designation as a completely tobacco-free campus. The regulation also transforms the Tobacco-Free Task Force into an ongoing “Tobacco-Free Campus Committee,” with codified responsibilities, membership criteria, and members appointed by the president. The committee will report to the EVPFA.

AR 8:4: Endowment and Naming Policies for Faculty Support, Undergraduate and Graduate Student Support, and Program, Unit, and Research Support (Approved by President, 7/1/17)

This Administrative Regulation has been revised to add new categories and redefine existing categories for naming opportunities for faculty, student, and program support. Funding amounts for establishing these endowments have been increased and a section related to funding amounts for naming real property has been moved to AR 9:5, Policies and Advisory Committee on Naming University Property.

AR 9:5, Policies and Advisory Committee on Naming University Property (Approved by President, 6/8/17)

This Administrative Regulation has been revised to replace the condition that private funding must constitute 50 percent of the fundraising goal with the requirement that private funding form a “significant portion” of the fundraising goal for the property. Determination of significance will be made by the president, EVPFA, VP for philanthropy, or appropriate dean or director. The requirements that at least 50 percent of the funding commitment must be received prior to construction or purchase and that 2 percent of the endowment must be earmarked for maintenance are eliminated. Additionally, a clause authorizing the VP for philanthropy (upon consultation with the president and EVPFA) to grant an exemption to the requirement that a gift agreement must be legally binding on the donor’s estate has been added.

Please familiarize yourself with these new and revised regulations. If you are a supervisor, please communicate this information to the faculty and staff within your area. The complete administrative regulation library, including the list of recently revised or new regulations, may be found at Questions about these or other regulations should be directed to the Office of Legal Counsel at 859-257-2936, or Marcy Deaton at

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