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Orange Lot Parking Capacity Contingency Plan

Orange Lot contingency plan map
Map above details Orange Lot contingency plan.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 22, 2019) — As a result of historical parking demand and ongoing campus growth, University of Kentucky Transportation Services anticipates that the Orange Lot periphery parking area (EK) will intermittently reach capacity in the coming days and weeks. In an effort to continue to meet employee access needs during these peak parking demand periods, Transportation Services has established the following contingency plan, which will be implemented during periods where the Orange Lot reaches capacity. 

Transportation Services will closely monitor parking availability, but anticipates that the Orange Lot will likely reach capacity between 10 and 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday, with parking demand subsiding sometime between 1 and 2 p.m. During periods where the lot reaches capacity, employees will be directed to the the new College Way East Lot, a 300-space periphery (K and EK) parking area located off College Way Drive across from the Motor Pool, and the Orange Route will extend to serve this lot in addition to its regular route.

Implementation of the contingency plan will be communicated through the display of a large orange sail flag at the University Drive entrance to the Orange Lot.

Arriving on Campus

  • Employees who typically park in the Orange Lot should continue to plan to park there unless the large orange sail flag is displayed.
  • If the flag is displayed, employees should proceed directly to the College Way East Lot, which will have a matching orange flag to assist employees with finding the correct lot. 
  • When the flags are displayed, the Orange Route will extend to serve the College Way East Lot.
  • Orange Route buses will pick employees up at the bus stop located at the northwest corner of the College Way East Lot and take them to the typical UK HealthCare bus stops at HSRB and Pavillion A. 
  • Non-UKHC employees, such as those from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, may also use the Orange Route extension and communicate with the driver for service to Agriculture Science Center North or the Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center.

Departing Campus

  • Upon the conclusion of their campus business, employees who were redirected to and parked in the College Way East Lot are asked to simply alert the Orange Route bus drivers that they parked in the College Way East Lot. After serving the Orange Lot, the driver will divert to the College Way Lot to drop the employee off before returning to their regular route.
  • The Orange Route operates from 5 a.m. to midnight. Employees requiring shuttle service between midnight and 5 a.m. will still have access to the late night, on-demand bus service, which will also serve the College Way East Lot.

A map showing the location of the College Way East Lot and detailing the Orange Route extension is above. 

Please email UK Transportation Services, if you have questions or need more information.