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UKNow Launches New Campus Calendar

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 14, 2011) − UKNOW and the Office of Student Involvement have teamed up to launch a new Campus Calendar designed to be more user-friendly to those uploading and looking for event information. The calendar, located on the UK and UKNOW websites, allows anyone to submit an event for publication.

"There are two things we look for in an event before we post it to the calendar," said Chuck Ham, one of the calendar's editors. "First, does the event involve the university? And second, if it doesn't involve a university sponsor, does the event use the university as a venue?"

Ham, technology and Web administrator for UK Public Relations and Marketing, and Chris Thuringer, associate director of Student Involvement, review submitted posts and accept those that have university relevance onto the calendar.

There are several required fields that need to be completed in submitting an event for posting. Entries must include an event name, description, cost, the date (you can now easily set an event to repeat if needed), category (i.e.: K Week, films, athletics), and location (which will add a Google map when posted). Another new feature with the calendar system is that an image can be included for an event.

Once an event entry is submitted, an email confirmation of receipt is sent to the submitter. Once it has been reviewed by the editors, a second email is sent saying the event has been accepted and posted to the calendar.

The Campus Calendar appears on the website in list form, and can be viewed in chronological order or users can search by category, upcoming events, recently added events, featured events, or most viewed events. Users can also view events on a monthly calendar and click on a date to view any posted events that will be occurring on a specific day.


The calendar has a download capability that can download calendar events to a CSV file. This file can be shared with other media outlets for publication to share with the public. Users can also create an RSS feed from the calendar to include any specific events that an individual or a department would like to include on another website.

Events that were posted on the old calendar system have been updated and included on the new Campus Calendar.

For questions regarding the Campus Calendar or for any trouble posting, faculty and staff may email Chuck Ham, and students may email Chris Thuringer.