Helping UK Students Research: Who Does That?


LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 25, 2013) — Ask just about any student on campus where they're spending their time in the weeks leading up to finals, and the most common answer will probably be the library.

With all the students needing help with all their papers and presentations, someone has to be ready to help them…who does that?

This video feature is part of a new series produced by UKNow called "Who Does That?"  The idea is to show you the unique students, faculty and staff who make UK tick. 

We want to showcase how UK students, faculty and staff work each and every day to keep The Kentucky Promise alive and well. 

Since the "Who Does That?" series is now a monthly feature on UKNow, we invite you to submit future ideas.  If you've ever wondered, "Who does that?" about something at UK, please email us.  Who knows?  We might just use your question for our next feature!  

MEDIA AND VIDEO CONTACTS:  Amy Jones, (859) 257-1754, ext. 257, OR Kody Kiser, (859) 257-5282,