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UK's Barnes Continues to Share His Love of Nature

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 26, 2011) — All of those beautiful Kentucky wildflowers are in bloom and showing their colors, and that's something that the University of Kentucky's  Thomas Barnes wants the people of the Commonwealth and visitors to the state to be able to appreciate more fully.

Barnes, extension professor and wildlife extension specialist in the Department of Forestry, UK College of Agriculture, is author of another delightful book to help people do just that.  "How to Find and Photograph Kentucky Wildflowers" is a wonderful guide on finding, appreciating, and photographing wildflowers.   The author, who has written and illustrated several volumes on the natural beauty of Kentucky and the U.S., has aimed this book at those who want to elevate their photography from taking documentary snapshots to making artistic flower portraits.

"Every time I step into the natural world I am reminded of how special it is to live in such a beautiful state, to still have places to roam the woods, to be reinvigorated by the sights and sounds of nature," said Barnes.  "Photography is a medium that, particularly with natural resources, has great potential for teaching and for conservation.  There's a long history of photography, going back to Ansel Adams, for protecting outstanding natural lands."

From the mountains in the east to the rich rivers and lakes of the west, it can be said

that Kentucky boasts a wonderful array of scenery, flora and fauna.  Indeed, there are

thousands of native, Kentucky wildflowers to enjoy, and every season has something

to offer to both amateur and professional wildlife photographers.  Technical aspects of

taking both landscape and close-up shots, processing images, and creating a range of

professional images and tones are shared in this soft-bound book.

Barnes has spent three decades honing his wildlife photography skills throughout the Bluegrass State and has authored more than 50 scientific research articles, 60 cooperative extension publications, and 100 magazine articles.

People in Central Kentucky and  across the Bluegrass State will have a number of opportunities over the next several weeks to meet Barnes and discuss his new book with him.

This Saturday morning, May 28, the longtime UK faculty member will be with the Homegrown Authors at the Lexington Farmers Market, followed by a book signing later that same day at The Morris Book Shop on Southland Drive in Lexington.  Barnes will have two signings in Louisville on June 4; a signing at Murphy's Camera in Lexington on June 11; another appearance in Richmond on June 14; and, a June 23 signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington.

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