New Resources for Researchers: Search Portal & Video Library

The Office of the Vice President for Research has created two new resources for faculty, staff and students engaged in research at UK. Both of these resources require a linkblue login.

Sponsored Project Search Portal

Researchers at UK have had the ability to search the grants database of funded projects for specific keywords through SPIFi.  However, to expand search capabilities on our research database a new Keyword Search tool was developed by Research Information Services.

Similar to SPIFi, the new Keyword Search uses the OSPA database of funded projects (titles, keywords and abstracts), but input search options have been expanded to include multiple keywords, phrases, sentences or short abstracts. Using more sophisticated data-mining algorithms, this tool is able to find and rank the funded projects that most closely match the search query, providing the searcher with highlighted words that match the query. The tool also provides a list of the 25 investigators and academic units whose work most closely match the search query, as well as a list of the funding agencies associated with the projects that match the query.

The Keyword Search and SPIFi are available at the new Sponsored Project Search Portal.

Video Library

The Office of the Vice President for Research hosted a series of workshops during spring 2017 designed to help faculty accelerate their research activities. These workshops are now available to UK faculty, staff and students at the Video Library. Please take advantage of this resource for topics that impact your research.

2/24/17: Grant Writing Workshop

  • Grant-writing Strategies for NSF Funding
  • DOD and DOE Proposals

3/1/17: Recent Changes in the UK Research Infrastructure

  • U.S. Export Control Laws
  • Revised Structure of the Proposal Development Office (PDO)
  • New Research Grant Submission Software: Cayuse 424
  • New Search Tools to Identify Collaborators
  • Effort Reporting Changes

3/22/17: Industry/Private Partnerships

  • Changes in the Intellectual Property Development Process
  • Partnering with Industry
  • Entrepreneurship

4/13/17: Core Facilities Supported by UK Research

  • Service Cores Introduction
  • Light Microscopy
  • Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
  • Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Proteomics
  • MRI & Spectroscopy Center
  • Rodent Behavior

4/27/17: Mentoring

  • Mentoring and Research
  • Mentoring Diverse Student Populations