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10 Ways to Get Ready for Fall Break

  1. Do some fall cleaning. The best part about returning from a break is returning to a clean space. So before leaving for break, clean up your room. Success starts with organization, not disarray. For you to be productive in classes, you can first be productive at home. 
  2. Do laundry. Though it may sound basic, students often underestimate how many other students must do laundry before heading home for a break. If you live on campus, run a few full loads of laundry before heading home. That way you can come home to fresh and folded clothes and start your next school week off right! Save yourself some stress, throw a load in the washer and dryer before heading out.
  3. Get ahead on homework. Homework is one of the last things on your mind before a break, but you should probably reconsider. If you just finished mid-terms, get ahead on your other homework assignments. If you don’t have much homework due after Fall Break, try gathering your notes early and organizing your classwork. If you’re ahead, you’ll never be behind. Not having homework to worry about while spending time with your friends and family or binge-watching Hulu series will make it easier for you to get back and not scramble to do last minute work.
  4. Make a list of the things to bring from home. Let’s just say you forgot a few things at move in or the weather changes unexpectedly, make sure you get everything you need while you are at home. With fall weather on the way, grab a few sweaters from your closet and a scarf or two.  While you’re at it lighten your load and take some of your summer clothes home when leaving.
  5. Plan some time for family and friends. Fall break is an exciting but short time. You get about four days to see all your family and friends — not including the one thousand tasks your parents have waiting for you at home. It can be hard to divide your time if you don’t have a plan, so try to sit down and plan out your break. Avoid the drained energy of running around your city to see everyone, just have set days and times for set outings. That way you can sketch in some time for yourself, you deserve a nap.
  6. Clean out your fridge. You heard it from your RA, you heard it from friends, but one more time won’t hurt. Clean out your fridge! We know you love your snacks and left-over pizza but be sure to take out anything that could potentially spoil while you’re gone. Coming home to a rotten smell isn’t ideal, so before you hit the door, peek in your fridge and clear it out! Don’t forget to take out your trash too!
  7. Don’t take your whole dorm home with you. Keep in mind Fall Break isn’t an eternity so you don’t need to pack your entire closet and desk. You’ll be back before you know it, and you don’t want to lug back to campus a huge suitcase full of things you could’ve left on campus in the first place. You’d be surprised how many items you’ll be bringing back from home so pack light and save some space for those things.
  8. Unplug. You won’t be gone for long, but be sure to pull the plug on appliances and electronics! For you off campus students, save some money and reduce the risk of something getting a surge while you’re gone.
  9. If you’re not heading home or on a trip for Fall Break, check out the UK Calendar of Events to keep yourself occupied. Head to one of our two gym facilities and workout. Several dining facilities will be open as well. Even if you’re not going home, you’re still at your home away from home, so have fun!
  10. Be safe and enjoy yourself! This year will be the UK's first fall break in a long time! Make the most out of your break and enjoy being around friends and family!

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