5 Ways to Make Registering for Classes Stress Free

Mark Cornelison l UK Photo.

Priority Registration is here but don't stress, it's as easy as these five steps. 

1. Figure out when your registration window is! You have been assigned a window that opens on a specific date and time. To determine your window, log on to myUK and click on the Degree Planning and Registration tab.

2. Check your accounts for stops and holds. To do this, log on to your myUK account, select “myInfo” from the top of the screen, and then “my Stops and Holds” from the menu on the left. You must resolve any stops or holds before you can register. 

3.   Use your degree audit to determine the classes needed for your path. Closely review your degree audit to help you determine a planned set of courses, ideally with your advisor.

4.  Use the Planning feature to plan/save your courses before your window opens. This will save you time when your window is open, to help avoid missing any open seats. 

5. Use this step by step guide to walk you through it. 

For registration questions or problems, call 859-257-7173 or email: registration@uky.edu.