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Staff Senate Presents 9th Annual Outstanding Staff Awards


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 23, 2018) ― More than 90 University of Kentucky staff members were honored last Tuesday by their colleges and divisions during the 2018 Outstanding Staff Awards (OSA) recognition ceremony. Sponsored by the the President's Office and UK Staff Senate, this is the ninth year for the event.

The Outstanding Staff Awards recognize staff members that have been given an award within their department on a university level. Over 150 people were in attendance to honor those who received awards. Among them were UK President Eli Capilouto, Vice Provost Larry Holloway, Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life Greg Heileman, Vice President of Human Resources Kim Wilson, UK Board of Trustees member Robert Grossman, Dean Rudolph Buchheit, Dean Janie Heath, Dean Kip Guy, UK Board of Trustees member Dave Melanson, Staff Senate Chair Jon Gent and Senate Council Vice Chair Jennifer Osterhage.

In addition to the 90 honorees recognized, a new award was introduced this year, the Outstanding Staff Award. This award was presented to one deserving university staff member who represents everything that is great about the university. This year's recipient was Joseph Adams, a medical laboratory technician at UK HealthCare (UKHC) - Georgetown.

"The most rewarding part of my job is providing direct patient care. I love interacting with the diverse patient population we serve at UK HealthCare; hearing their individual stories, goals, triumphs and struggles, making sure they know they have my full attention and support and giving each patient a positive attitude and a smile," Adams said.

After hearing news that a regular patient at the clinic had been in a car accident leaving his car totaled with no money to get it fixed and no way to commute to the facility, Adams knew something had to be done. He searched around and found that a friend had a car that they were willing to donate. Adams bought a battery for the car out of his own pocket and did some minor work on the vehicle. The family was ecstatic when they found out what Adams had done.

"Over the past several days I have experienced many different emotions having been selected as the first ever Outstanding Staff Award recipient," Adams said. "Humbled because it is amazing that one act of kindness could draw so much attention and I was able to impact a patient’s life in a positive way. Honored I was able to represent UKHC - Georgetown and the UKHC Clinical Laboratory. It is my hope that this award initiates a shift in the culture at UK that we may all take the time to recognize each other for the tremendous jobs we do every day across the entire institution."

Adams has worked at the university since 2014 and is approaching his five-year anniversary. After receiving a standing ovation at the award ceremony last Tuesday, it is easy to see why Adams was the recipient of this award. 

“Employees like to be recognized for their work," Gent said. "I believe that recognition of a job well done is one of the most important ways to keep our employees engaged. Taking the time to show an employee that their work made an impression on others is every bit as important as the work that inspires that action.”

The 90 OSA winners represented over 40 colleges and administrative units across the university. 

The 2018 OSA Department winners are:

Aaron Harris

Alley Schwendeman

Alyssa Thornton

Amanda Mathias

Andrea Haggard

Antoinette Yongbang

Antonio McPherson

Ashley Hinton-Moncer

Beth Bonnett

Beth Hanneman

Betsy Northrup

Brandi Waskul

Brian Davis

Caitlin Walsh

Candace Bramley-Hardesty

Casey Shadix

Cassandra Rogers

Chris Miles

Chris Scherrer

Crystal Heis

Dale Peck

Daniel Cottam

Devin Whitlock

Diana Frankenburger

Emily Britt

Emily Phillips

Eric Vaughn

Erin Wobbekind

Faith Cracraft

Frank Berry

Genecia Norwood

Gwen Moreland

Jacqueline Doucet

James Hounshell

Jarred Holbrook

Jasmine Robinson

Jason McReynolds

Jeff Lynn

Jesica Lopez-Huskey

Joan Yocum

Joseph Adams

Keisha Dawson

Kent Coburn

Kevin DeFabritis

Krista Lea

Kristen Stacy

Kristy McMillan 

Lauren State Fernandez

Laurie Flewwellin

Lieutenant Evan Ramsay

Lieutenant Michael Pope

Lisa Blackadar

Lisa Galvin

Maggie Maynard

Marilyn Underwood

Mark Carmichael

Mary  Henderson

Matthew Southers

Melanie Turner

Michael T Ruhe 

Michele Isaacs

Nancy Miller

Natalie Ledford

Officer Holly Williams

Officer Kevin Charloe

Officer Michael Montoya

Officer Stanley Williams

Paula L. Pope

Rachel Dixon

Rene Maldonado 

Ron Scheiwe

Ruth Lawlor

Samuel Clark

Sara-Elizabeth Bush

Sarah Montgomery

Sgt. Cory Pelarski

Sharon Welch

Sitakanta Pattanaik

Stefan Schagane

Steve Stauffer

Steven Campton

Tara L. McCoy

Tara McCoy

Taunya Phillips

Teri Copas

Tina Hagee

Troy C. Martin

Tyler Tays

William G. "Bill" Nims

Sharon Hodge

Ellie Goodman

Melissa Claar

UK's respiratory care team was also recognized for winning the Quilt of Teamwork Award for Nursing Support, along with student and faculty nominated finalists, and the social media award finalist.

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