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Perfecting the Celebrate Kentucky Wall: Who Does That?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (November 29, 2012) – It's hard to miss the images and videos of Kentucky's people, places and poignant moments which cover an entire wall at the UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion A.

The exhibit is part of UK's Arts in Healthcare, a program that helps promote a healing environment with art.

"We wanted to include all the regions of Kentucky in the images so that anybody who came from any county or any little town would see something that they recognize and that makes them feel like were part of their community," said Jackie Hamilton, director of the Arts in Healthcare program.

With so many elements from across the Commonwealth making up the wall, someone at UK HealthCare has to keep all of those photos and videos up to date.  Watch the video above to find out who does that!

UKNow's "Who Does That?" series a monthly feature.  To view past "Who Does That?" videos, click on this playlist:

 We want to showcase how UK students, faculty and staff work each and every day to keep The Kentucky Promise alive and well. 

If you've ever wondered "Who does that?" about something at UK, please email us with your question.  Who knows?  We might just use your question for our next feature!  

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