UK HealthCare

Post Your Trick Shots to #SinkDiabetes and Benefit UK HealthCare’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 11, 2017) — One in three Kentuckians is at risk for diabetes and UK HealthCare’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center wants to change that statistic by bringing awareness to the problem with the #SinkDiabetes social media campaign.

To participate, record yourself taking a basketball trick shot. For every trick shot posted online with the hashtag #SinkDiabetes, $10 will be donated to UK HealthCare’s Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. In addition, each person participating is asked to challenge – and tag – three more friends to participate in the #SinkDiabetes campaign. For ideas and information, watch: #SinkDiabetes

Here’s how it works:

  1. RECORD a video of you sinking a basketball shot – on a court, at home, at your office. Anywhere.
  2. SHARE it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #SinkDiabetes
  3. TAG 3 Kentuckians to sink their own shot and pass it along


Recognized as one of the top centers for diabetes and endocrinology by U.S. News and World Report, the UK HealthCare Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center is a multidisciplinary center designed to provide medical management in every area of diabetes, as well as educational support and research aimed at assisting with implementing lifestyle changes.