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Promoting Pediatric Asthma Awareness

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 20, 2010) Kentucky Children’s Hospital and Kohl's Cares for Kids will be hosting several programs in Kentucky for caregivers of children with asthma.  Kentucky Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s have a continuing a partnership to combat pediatric asthma and allow kids to live more normal, healthy lives. To date, Kohl’s has donated over $760,000 to Kentucky Children’s Hospital.


Community leaders and school officials are joining the partnership to help educate caregivers about asthma and how to help their children. Dr. Don Hayes, assistant professor of pediatrics and internal medicine, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and a pediatric pulmonologist at Kentucky Children's Hospital, will talk to caregivers and answer questions at each site – which includes Ashland, Mt. Vernon, Morehead, Harlan, Hazard, Pikeville, Georgetown and Cynthiana. Hayes will give each family a free Aerochamber for their children who need it.


The Aerochamber is an inhaler spacer used with a metered-dose inhaler that helps control delivery of asthma medication. This device is being handed out because many times caregivers can not afford them, and insurance does not always cover them, Hayes said.


"As a result of the financial support from Kohl’s, these programs will be delivered in communities where asthma is a problem in our state," said Hayes. "By delivering the program in the communities, more people will be able to attend. These specific communities have been targeted due to high rates of asthma.”  


 Each program will focus on the cause and symptoms of asthma and other factors that may lead to poor asthma control. Hayes will also discuss how to treat asthma. A major factor that is causing poor asthma control in children in Kentucky is exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, so Hayes will discuss that as well.

"I want to thank Kohl's for the wonderful job they do in providing community support for an important issue in Kentucky – asthma," said Hayes, "We are only able to do this through projects that are supported by caring organizations like Kohl's.

"It is my pleasure to come to the communities and try to assist families living with asthma. Not only as a physician, but also as an individual living with asthma, I can truly appreciate the support and continue to provide excellent care to these children. Thanks to Kohl’s, Kentucky Children’s Hospital is able to teach more children how to manage their illness and continue a more normal and happy childhood."

For more information, contact Loralyn Cecil, Kentucky Children's Hospital, at (859) 257-1106 or