Education Abroad Fair Highlights High-Impact Opportunities for Students

Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017

At the University of Kentucky, we provide students with a transformational education that promotes self-discovery, experiential learning and life-long achievement.

Part of that experience involves providing “high-impact” experiences, like education abroad, undergraduate research, service learning and experiential learning programs throughout academic curricula and majors.

One of my favorite things about social media is the opportunity to see and hear from students having these experiences. I enjoy seeing UK Education Abroad post photos and stories about our students engaging with different cultures, navigating international work environments and growing as scholars and citizens of the world.

High impact experiences, like education abroad, allow our students to engage with communities, to navigate cross-cultural perspectives and to see the impact of their knowledge and skills.

For that reason, I hope students will take advantage of an opportunity two weeks from today.

The UK Education Abroad Spring Fair will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 8, from 4-7 p.m., in the Hub of the William T. Young Library.

The fair offers a variety of resources and information. Students interested in studying, interning, researching or conducting service abroad can chat with peers and hear first-hand from other students who have been part of a UK program abroad. In addition, students will have the opportunity to speak with faculty who lead these programs, and to discuss how the courses offered abroad can align with their major curriculum. 

Different campus partners such as Wildcat Passport Services and the Office of Financial Aid will also be present to answer any questions.

Additionally, we know that the cost associated with education abroad can be a challenge for students. To that end, staff will be present at the event to discuss both scholarships offered through UK, as well as external scholarships. 

Events like these illustrate our commitment to students.

We know that education abroad provides invaluable, high-impact experiences—experiences that have lasting positive effects on learning, development and growth.

Studying abroad helps students enrich their global awareness and become well-rounded citizens in an interconnected world. These experiences also often augment academic learning, by providing instruction on topics in the context of a different culture and with exposure to perspectives beyond the United States.

International experience also allows students to enhance their leadership and communication skills by navigating different cultures. And, perhaps most importantly, our students tell us that education abroad affords them monumental opportunities for personal growth.

I hope students will take the time between now and Feb. 8 to research programs on the UK Education Abroad website and come to the event with questions. 

Join me in thanking the staff in UK Education Abroad for hosting such an important event.


Timothy S. Tracy