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A Guide to All Things BBNvolved

A video tutorial on BBNvolved.

Video produced by UK Marketing and Brand Strategy. To view captions for this video, push play and click on the CC icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If using a mobile device, click on the "thought bubble" in the same area.

LEXINGTON, Ky (Sept. 12, 2019) — Looking to get involved in a campus that has over 500 student organizations can seem a little overwhelming, but BBNvolved makes it easy by giving University of Kentucky students access to all the organizations — right at their fingertips. 

Launched in Spring 2018, through the office of Student Organizations and Activities, BBNvolved houses every registered student organization on campus, along with their meetings and events. Students can look at a broad array of groups or be as specific as they want in their search of organizations on campus. From the Pokemon Trainers Association to the Creativity Club, UK has organizations that all students can see themselves participating in for years to come. 

BBNvolved can be a student's first step toward being more involved and finding a home on campus. It gives students the opportunity to connect with a variety of their peers and foster meaningful relationships. Through BBNvolved, you can find your passion, make your mark, be part of a community, and create memories for a lifetime.

Watch the video above and see how easy it is to take that first step to being involved and finding what is wildly possible at UK.  


Photo of student organization fair. Mark Cornelison | UK Photo
Photo of student organization fair. Mark Cornelison | UK Photo