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Kentucky Kernel Takes Statewide Award

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 4, 2013) — The Kentucky Kernel won the overall Excellence in Newspapers award in the University/College Newspapers category at the 2012 Kentucky Press Association (KPA) awards. The winners were announced at KPA's annual convention held Jan. 25, in Louisville, Ky. 

This impressive achievement marks the ninth consecutive year that the student-run newspaper has won the overall university/college competition. The competition covered issues published between Oct. 1, 2011, and Sept. 30, 2012. Western Kentucky University's College Heights Herald took second place, followed by the Murray State University's Murray State News.

Editor-in-chief of the Kernel, Becca Clemons said, "I'm extremely proud of this staff for representing the Kernel well and carrying on its tradition of excellent journalism year after year. Getting the General Excellence Award is a huge honor, and the Kernel staff and I are looking forward to producing more great work this semester."

Beth Barnes, professor and director of the UK School of Journalism and Telecommunications said, "The KPA Awards dinner is always one of the highlights of the year. It's wonderful to sit in a room full of professional journalists and watch their reactions as the Kernel wins prize after prize. We know we have a great journalism program; the KPA Awards are validation of that. And being able to tell prospective students that the Kernel has been named the best college newspaper in Kentucky for nine years in a row is pretty terrific too.”

In addition to the overall award, The Kentucky Kernel staff, as well as individual members took home multiple awards and recognitions. These students and awards are as follows:

  • Best Spot News Coverage -- First place: Kayla Phelps; Second place: Becca Clemons; Third place: Rachel Aretakis; Honorable mention: Taylor Moak;
  • Best General News Story -- Second place: Rachel Aretakis;
  • Best Feature Story -- Second place: Rachel Aretakis;
  • Best Sports Column -- First place: Aaron Smith; Second place: Aaron Smith; Third place;  Cody Porter;
  • Best Sports Story -- Third place: Les Johns;
  • Best Sports Feature Story -- First place: Aaron Smith; Third place: Latara Appleby; Honorable mention: Martha Groppo;
  • Best Enterprise or Analytical Story -- First place: Drew Teague; Third place: Taylor Moak;
  • Best Investigative Story or Series -- First place: Rachel Aretakis; Third place: Les Johns;
  • Best On-Going/Extended Coverage Story -- First place: Becca Clemons, Taylor Moak, Amelia Orwick, Jarrod Thacker; Honorable mention: Rachel Aretakis, Taylor Moak, Kellie Oates, Becca Clemons;
  • Best Headline -- Honorable mention: Becca Clemons;
  • Best Spot News Picture -- First place: Latara Appleby; Honorable mention: Mike Weaver;
  • Best General News Picture -- First place: Tessa Lighty;
  • Best Feature Picture -- Second place:  Tessa Lighty;
  • Best Picture Essay  -- First place:  Latara Appleby; Third place:  Scott Hannigan;
  • Best Sports Picture Essay -- Second place:  Latara Appleby, Brandon Goodwin; Honorable mention: Latara Appleby, Brandon Goodwin;
  • Best Special Section -- Second place:  Kernel Staff;
  • Best Graphic -- Third place:  Alex Lovan; Honorable mention:  Alex Lovan;
  • Best Sports Page/Section -- Third place:  Alex Lovan;
  • Best Sports Special Section -- Second place: Kernel Staff; Third place: Kernel Staff;
  • Best Lifestyle Page -- Second place: Alex Lovan;
  • Best Editorial Page -- Second place: Gary Hermann, Brian Hancock;
  • Best Front Page -- First place: Kelsey Joseph; Third place: Becca Clemons; and
  • Best Newspaper Website -- First place: Kentucky Kernel.

Taylor Moak was Kernel editor during the 2011-12 academic years; Les Johns was 2012 summer editor; Becca Clemons is the current Kernel editor. Chris Poore is the Kernel's adviser; May May Barton is design and graphics adviser; David Stephenson is photo adviser; Tim Martin is advertising manager; and Patsy Martin is the Kernel's business manager.