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Scheduling Your Classrooms at UK: "Who Does That?"

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 22, 2012) — Students are back on campus today going to and from classes for the first time for the 2012-13 academic year. 

Each semester, a team of staff members works to schedule thousands of classes students need to take into just a few hundred classrooms across the University of Kentucky campus.

Who does that?  Watch the video above to discover who schedules classrooms at UK each semester.

This is the fourth video feature in a new series produced by UKNow called "Who Does That?"  The idea is to show you the unique students, faculty and staff who make UK tick. 

During K Week, we'll introduce you to a new student or staff member each day to answer the question, "Who does that?" as it relates to welcoming back our students for a brand new academic year.

We want to showcase how UK students, faculty and staff work each and every day to keep The Kentucky Promise alive and well. 

UKNow plans to make the "Who Does That?" series a monthly feature, so if you've ever wondered, "Who does that?" about something at UK, please email us.  Who knows?  We might just use your question for our next feature!  

Coordinated by the Office of New Student & Parent Programs in the Division of Student Affairs, K Week is UK's fall welcome week for freshmen and transfer students. For more information about K Week, visit the Facebook page at, follow K Week on Twitter at and check out the YouTube channel at

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