Focusing on our Future

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Earlier this week, I participated in an open discussion for nearly three hours with the University Senate and other members of our community. Our focus was the future of our university and our hopes and aspirations as we move forward together. I appreciated the candor of the questions and exchange of views. As I told those in attendance, these robust discussions are what we should expect at institutions of higher learning. We are in this together.

You can review the presentation I gave at

The dialogue we held Monday was also videotaped, and can be viewed at

We will often bring different perspectives and points of view to our discussions. And, at times, we will not always agree. But I am convinced we will be stronger for our willingness to engage with one another in a spirit of collaboration and collegiality – the ideals that are, indeed, part of our shared sense of values and community, ideals that make our Kentucky Promise as relevant today as it was nearly 150 years ago.

I look forward to that ongoing process of conversation and consultation in the months ahead.

Thank you.