Provost Update

As you know, Provost Kumble Subbaswamy recently accepted the opportunity to become Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

I have spent the last several days listening to a variety of constituencies as I decide on a path forward in this time of transition for the Office of Provost. I have been consulting deans and administrative officers, as well as the current Senate Council Chair and Chair-Elect. I intend to talk in the next few days with several faculty and staff employees on an individual basis. I also will talk next week with a small group of faculty arranged by the Senate Council Chair, as well as the Faculty Senate Committee for Review, Reward and Retention. In these discussions, I ask for input on how best for our campus to move forward and solicit names of suitable candidates. At the completion of this process, I will have spoken with more than 50 members of our University community, as well as having sought advice from experts outside our campus.

The University will continue to operate with the Provost Model. And my goal is to announce a decision on our path forward by the end of next week.

I appreciate your patience during this important time. And I also appreciate your dedication to the work of the University of Kentucky.