"see blue." is Seeing Green

In 1882, less than two decades after our establishment, the original A&M College separated from what is now Transylvania University.

We found our new home on 52 acres of park and fairground space offered to the College by the Lexington City Council.

And -- though the campus has grown to more than 900 acres, several hundred buildings and thousands of people -- we remain committed to providing a diverse landscape and inviting outdoor space near the heart of downtown Lexington.

By maintaining that environment, we honor a part of our heritage.

Amid spring’s rebirth, the University of Kentucky recently announced an initiative that will bolster the natural aesthetics of our campus. At the end of April, we kicked off a major tree planting program to add more than 400 new trees over the next year.

This landscape plan – birthed from our Master Plan process led by our partners at Sasaki -- will enhance our outdoor environment and complement our capital investments.

Vibrant landscapes add a rich dynamic to a university – fostering collaboration among students, faculty and staff, and visitors. By strengthening the natural pathways that connect our academic, residential, research, health care, and athletic spaces, we bring the campus closer together.

For more information on the initiative, please read the UKNOW story.