VIDEO: UK's New Residence Halls Help Students "see community." Year Round

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 2, 2015) — Though large numbers of students travel back “home” during summer breaks and other holidays, many simply can’t because “home” is an ocean or continent away from the University of Kentucky.

Endy Kailer, who is from Brazil, is living on campus for the summer.  But she says she never feels alone because she’s living with other international students, along with students from right here in Kentucky in Woodland Glen I

While the international exchange student relishes living in one of UK’s newest residence halls, her favorite part about living there goes way beyond the special beds, expansive study rooms and other amenities.

In the “Where I ‘see blue.’” video above, Kailer shares why Woodland Glen I is making her experience as a student in the United States so special.  

This video feature is part of a special series produced by UKNow focusing on locations across campus that are meaningful for UK students, administrators, faculty, staff and alumni.  The idea is to show how the physical spaces on campus help foster discovery, community, research, knowledge and success for the UK family.   As the university celebrates its 150th anniversary, we want to show readers what our campus is like today by showcasing locations that have stood for decades along with some of our newest spots.  


Since the “Where I ‘see blue.’” video series is now a monthly feature on UKNow, we invite you to submit future ideas.  If there’s an obscure spot on campus you don’t think many people know about or an area that’s on everyone’s radar but you have a special connection to it, email us.  Who knows?  We might just choose your suggestion for our next feature!


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